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Top 5 POS Swipe Machine Options You Should Integrate

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People increasingly choose to carry cards rather than cash for many kinds of transactions, as a result of the growth of a cashless society. This behavior happens because it’s simple, hassle-free, and you don’t have to be concerned about stolen money. Cards, whether credit or debit, are widely used, along with POS devices. Therefore, in this blog, we will go through the top 5 POS swipe machine options you should integrate for your business.

What is a POS swipe machine?

In short, a card swipe machine will handle successful card transactions. Its primary function is to handle credit and debit card payments. Users will swipe the card, then the money will be taken from a customer’s account and put into the merchant’s account in less than 30 seconds.

POS swipe machines are highly beneficial for both businesses and their customers. It is straightforward for consumers to use this type of machine. They can pay online, by mail, or over the phone. Because of the flexibility that card machines provide, this greatly expands the client base.

Top 5 POS Swipe Machine Options

PayPal Here

One of the most well-known swipe machines on the market is PayPal Here. In general, PayPal Here is ideal for small companies with a modest number of transactions.

Which of the versions of the PayPal Here swipe machine you choose will determine how it operates. The Mobile PayPal card reader, for example, will connect to the headphone jack of the device you’re using. The other four PayPal types use Bluetooth to connect to your smart device.

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PayPal Here has many solutions, including the Magstripe reader, which allows companies to execute a limited amount of transactions per week without incurring holds. They also offer the Chip & Swipe reader, which is available for free on new accounts.


  • PayPal chip and swipe reader: free for the new account ($24.99 for every extra one)
  • PayPal chip and tap reader: $59.99


Square hit the market in 2009. Square gadgets are portable and useful for any business thanks to their shape about the size of a hand. The Square card reader would be given away for free to newly signed merchants, which is an excellent marketing strategy. 

From anywhere, the Square swipe machine can accept EMV chip cards, contactless NFC cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. In addition, Bluetooth LE allows you to collect payments on the road or at your counter by linking wirelessly to your phone or tablet. Another advantage of this device is that, users can manage products, inventory, reporting, and more using the Square Point of Sale app, which is available for free.

Regarding pricing, every tap, dip, or swipe will cost you only 2.6 percent + $0.10. There are no long-term obligations or contracts, and there are no monthly fees.

Stripe Here

Stripe Here is a versatile and highly effective credit card payment solution that is designed to make payment processing simple, secure, and convenient for businesses and customers alike. With its portable credit card swipe machines and readers, it allows you to quickly process credit card payments wherever your business takes you.

These machines boast compatibility across a wide range of operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS X. This makes them a popular choice for entrepreneurs in various industries. Not limited to just these platforms, Stripe Here also works seamlessly with other operating systems to offer great flexibility to its users.

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Statistics show that a significant percentage of customers today prefer using credit cards for their purchases, making credit card readers essential for businesses. Stripe Here simplifies transactions for you and your customers, providing a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Not only is Stripe Here easy to use, but it has also been praised for its swift processing speeds and secure payment processing technology. The company adheres to PCI (Payment card industry) compliance. Thus, each transaction is authenticated and encrypted, providing peace of mind to merchants and clients alike.

Examples of businesses benefiting from Stripe Here include food trucks and street vendors, freelancers, service providers, outdoor event organizers, and small or medium enterprises with pop-up shop locations. Essentially, anyone looking for a portable, flexible, and fast credit card payment solution will consider it as their new swipe machine. 


With its custom-built POS swipe machine, which was originally presented in 2016, iZettle has won over thousands of retailers. Retailers may use iZettle swipe machines with iOS 10 or above and Android 5.0 or higher to pay. Additionally, they can also use credit cards or debit cards from Visa, Amex, Mastercard, and other companies using iZettle’s payment methods.

Contactless payments are also accepted, such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay.

There are no hidden fees, no lock-in contracts, and no monthly fees with the iZettle swipe machine. It only costs £29 (approximately $40). Furthermore, all cards have a transaction charge of approximately 1.75 percent, which is beneficial to small enterprises.


Payanywhere is a versatile POS swipe machine designed for diverse payment methods, including both credit and debit cards. This highly compatible solution works seamlessly with various credit card processors, ensuring an efficient and comprehensive service for merchants. It supports a wide range of devices like mobile phones, tablets, credit card swipe machines, and different operating systems. Hence, it’s widely accessible for businesses of all sizes. 

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The device’s adaptability extends to its ability to integrate with multiple credit card readers through wireless or wired connections. This flexibility means that users can accept payments through various platforms without the need for additional equipment. Furthermore, Payanywhere leverages Bluetooth technology, allowing you to process credit card payments virtually anywhere, even on the go. 

This powerful POS swipe machine offers numerous advantages to businesses, including enhanced customer convenience, faster transactions, and improved cash flow management. According to a survey by the National Retail Federation (NRF), businesses found that over 50% of their transactions were made using mobile payment systems like Payanywhere. This demonstrates the growing importance of implementing robust and versatile POS solutions that keep up with evolving industry trends.

Wrapping up

To sum up, POS swipe machine plays a crucial role in credit card payment processing. Before selecting the device that best suits their needs, users must first understand the available options on the market.If you are looking for a POS that supports these swipe machines, let us introduce you to ConnectPOS. This is a cloud-based POS system that has been well-known for ease of use and omnichannel features. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are curious about ConnectPOS. 

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