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Top 5 Best Retail POS In UK 2023

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Navigating the landscape of retail POS systems (point of sale) in the UK for 2023 can be daunting, given the myriad options available. To assist you in making an informed decision, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the top 5 best retail POS in UK. Whether you’re a boutique store or a large-scale retailer, this guide will highlight the most promising solutions to streamline your operations and enhance customer experiences.

Top 5 best retail POS systems in the UK (2023)


Monthly CostStarting at £39
Card Rates2.6% + 10p
Support ChannelsAvailable 24/7 via phone, email
AdvantagesTailored features for diverse retail needsIntuitive and robust mobile appsContinuous operation even offlineStreamlined payments with integrationValuable free trialAffordable pricing for various businesses

In the realm of retail POS systems in the UK POS for 2023, ConnectPOS stands out as the premier choice. What sets ConnectPOS apart is a blend of exceptional attributes that collectively elevate it to the forefront.

ConnectPOS excels in affordability, offering a range of pricing plans that cater to diverse business sizes and budgets. This inclusivity ensures that businesses can access advanced retail management tools regardless of scale without straining their finances.

Moreover, ConnectPOS isn’t just cost-effective; it’s feature-rich. Its comprehensive suite of functionalities, meticulously tailored to the intricacies of the retail sector, empowers businesses to efficiently manage inventory, streamline checkout processes, and enhance customer engagement.

With intuitive and powerful mobile apps, ConnectPOS enables retailers to operate seamlessly on the go, enhancing productivity and customer service. It goes a step further by ensuring business continuity even in offline environments, a crucial aspect in today’s dynamic market.

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ConnectPOS simplifies transactions through its integrated payment system, making financial interactions smooth and secure. Its value-packed free plan is truly remarkable, it offers a robust foundation for businesses to initiate their growth journey without upfront costs.


Monthly CostStarting at £69
Card Rates2.6% + 10p
Support ChannelsAvailable 24/7 via phone
ProsApp customization Tailored setup ProcessExtensive integrations Abundant features Effective customer supportFree trial

Founded in 2005, Lightspeed emerged as a Canada-based point-of-sale (POS) system. Originally developed as a cloud-based solution for restaurant POS, its evolution has been notable. The acquisition of the well-received eCommerce platform, ShopKeep, marked a turning point, leading to substantial expansion.

Presently, Lightspeed caters to an array of global enterprises, including restaurants, retail outlets, and eCommerce ventures. Its feature-rich offerings serve as invaluable tools for the seamless operation of your restaurant.

A standout feature lies in its floor management and tableside ordering capabilities. The former is highlighted by an intuitive interface employing a drag-and-drop mechanism, enabling swift arrangement of floor plans and menus with effortless precision.

The latter empowers your staff to receive orders digitally, seamlessly transmitting them to the kitchen. Furthermore, diverse bill payment options are presented, including the ability for customers to split or merge expenses. Retail and eCommerce enterprises are also poised to reap numerous benefits from Lightspeed’s array of tools.

Free Trail


Cost Per MonthFrom £0
Card Rates2.49% + 15p
Support ChannelsPhone, chat, and email available 24/7
ProsUser-friendly Feature-rich Suitable for various restaurant typesUseful integrations Extensive onboarding material

Toast stands as a prevalent cloud-based POS platform within the UK business landscape, catering primarily to restaurants. Nonetheless, its adaptability extends to encompass bakeries, cafes, nightclubs, and analogous establishments.

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This UK POS software boasts versatility, catering to an array of business sizes and types. Its comprehensive feature suite addresses both front- and back-end operations, encompassing sales and customer-oriented technology. Patrons gain access to:

  • Online ordering
  • Delivery services
  • Contactless payment options
  • E-gift cards
  • Bar tab management
  • A repository of recipes

And more. Meanwhile, your staff reaps the rewards of tableside ordering, seamless payment processing, robust reporting and analytics, integrations, automated standardized gratuities, and beyond.

Furthermore, your management team finds immense utility in features like streamlined recruitment and automated payroll, employee scheduling, labor reporting, and akin tools. On top of this extensive array of capabilities, two pivotal factors underscore Toast’s ranking as the premier restaurant POS system.


Cost Per MonthFrom £69
Card RatesVaries based on chosen payment provider
Support ChannelsPhone, help page, and email
ProsIntuitive interface Guest-geared features Solid integrations Diverse hardware tools Scalable pricing plans

TouchBistro stands as a renowned company with a legacy spanning since 2010. Although it secures the fourth position on our top 5 list, it emerges as the second-best option in the realm of online restaurant UK POS systems. The elevated standing of TouchBistro can be attributed to its emphasis on features tailored to customer needs.

Evidently implied by its name, TouchBistro was conceived with a focus on establishments that serve food. It encompasses both self-service and tableside ordering functionalities. Through this system, patrons gain the ability to place orders, facilitate payments online, request deliveries, receive timely notifications, and even cancel orders when necessary.

Furthermore, they are afforded the privilege of reviewing their orders, providing feedback, and reaping the benefits of loyalty rewards. Nevertheless, the advantages extend beyond just the customer base, as TouchBistro significantly streamlines operations for all involved.

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This software proves indispensable in orchestrating restaurant layouts, managing and transferring reservations, allotting employees to tables or specific sections, and meticulously tracking their hours and performance metrics.


Cost Per MonthFrom £0
Card Rates2.6% + 10p
Support ChannelsChat and phone
ProsWide array of retail-centric featuresGreat mobile apps Operable in offline modeIntegrated payment systemFantastic free plan

Square is a prominent contender among UK POS software companies, boasting one of the most extensive histories on our top 5 list. Its continual expansion of services has propelled it to the forefront, claiming the coveted position of the leading POS retail system in the UK.

The rich feature set of this POS solution holds transformative potential for your retail enterprise. It opens doors to a range of capabilities, including checkout links, an intuitive online store builder, customizable invoices and gift cards, a comprehensive marketing suite, robust inventory management tools, and much more.

Remarkably, the system extends its reach to social media selling on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Square stood at the forefront as one of the initial POS companies to embrace mobile payments, seamlessly integrating with mobile phones and tablets to facilitate card transactions.

Embracing compatibility, the app caters to both Apple and Android devices, thus catering to a broader user base. Setting up and operating the system pose no challenge, and its offline mode ensures seamless functionality even without a constant internet connection.

Best UK POS software — Comparison

PriceCard rateSupport
ConnectPOSStarting at £392.6% + 10pAvailable 24/7 via phone, email
LightSpeedStarting at £692.6% + 10pAvailable 24/7 via phone
ToastFrom £02.49% + 15pPhone, chat, and email available 24/7
TouchBistroFrom £69
Varies based on chosen payment providerPhone, help page, and email
SquareFrom £02.6% + 10pChat and phone

In conclusion,

In the dynamic world of retail, choosing the right POS system is paramount. Our curated list of the best retail UK POS systems for 2023 has provided insights into the industry’s leading contenders. 

However, should you require further guidance or wish to explore which solution aligns best with your unique requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experts are here to guide you on your journey toward optimizing your retail operations and propelling your business toward success.

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