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5 Tips To Upgrade Self-Service POS design

Self-Service POS design

Over the years, kiosk POS has become required in most business institutions worldwide. This type of POS originally started due to congestion in large-scale premises but has gradually spread to small and medium-sized enterprises.  This has not only improved the overall customer experience but has also smoothened operations in business setups. Following are some self-service POS design tips.

Have tutorial on how to use

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The merchant should offer a tutorial on how to use the kiosk POS. The tutorials play a major role in directing customers on the steps during the checkout process. For kiosks, these tutorials may be displayed on screens in strategic points within the stores for customers to view.

Make it visually appealing

Apply a self-service POS design that is attractive to the customers. You can improve the visual appearance by using bright colors and also proper lighting for your self-service point of sale.

Choose a theme

You should select a theme that resonates with your products or services. Repeated contact with specific themes creates a sense of familiarity with the brand. The theme should be determined by the target customers and the products or services being offered. Depending on the brand or the products that you deal with, your theme should be associated with your enterprise and integrated into all documents or software that are associated with your brand.

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Free Trail

Have someone ready to help when in need

The store manager should have someone on standby ready to help customers whenever they get into trouble. A number of customers may need some help before getting used to the self-service system. 

A person who is well versed with how the system works should be available at all times in case such a scenario arises. It would be better if that person obtains good interpersonal skills and is able to effectively interact with the customers.

Create a motivation to encourage customers

You should encourage customers using the self-service kiosk point of sale. This motivating factor should be something that would attract the customers and therefore push them to use the self-service point of sale. These may include discounted prices, loyalty card points, gift hampers, mini-games, customized receipts or after sales services after using the self-service point of sale. These programs can become great motivation for other customers to use the self-service option and ultimately reduce the pressure on the available workers to focus on other services in the kiosk.


Any self-service point of sale design should integrate the above factors for it to be deemed a success. Any business person should therefore endeavor to have all these features in the system to enhance the store and also maximize on profits.If you have any other interesting tips, please feel free to tell us in the comment section below. Follow us for more information about technology and eCommerce!

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