The Rising Trend Of Self Service POS

With a self service POS system, buyers can check out on their own, companies save on many costs, the waiting times are reduced, and many other benefits. That is why self-serve options are gradually becoming the top choice for every retailer. Let’s find out what is remarkable about this growing trend.

Customer experience improvement

Maximizing self service POS solutions is a top goal for enterprise leaders because it is especially crucial for younger customers, such as millennials and Gen Zers. These customers have grown up with digital technology and are used to shopping, chatting, and even completing the majority of their homework online. It can be seen that they value the convenience of self service technologies.

Moreover, customers’ tastes and preferences change all the time, so presenting them with new and unique experiences will help them trust and stick with your brand. Self service is preferred by 67% of respondents over speaking with a company representative. Then, it’s critical that you should start by providing a variety of self service POS options. Desktop messaging tools and mobile chatbots are significant examples to accommodate a variety of device preferences. To get the most out of your investment, make sure to inform your customers about their possibilities.

Technology advance application

There are many potential applications that are believed to make progress for any type of business.

Consumers are getting more comfortable with AI-powered personal assistants such as Siri and Alexa, and they are also increasingly familiar with self service POS. AI and machine learning were used to automate 25% of all consumer interactions in 2019. With 90% of businesses expecting to implement AI within the next three years, that percentage is predicted to rise to 40% by 2023.

Merchants will be able to better engage with their consumers by using QR codes in a variety of ways, including as a payment mechanism, couponing, simplifying membership and loyalty programs with the integration of cameras in self-service systems. This will not only give customers a new way to pay, but it will also assist in increasing customer loyalty.

Self service solutions will also be combined with web and cloud-based apps that can be operated from customers’ smartphones, allowing them to direct their own experience. This allows companies to provide shoppers with personalized experiences while also helping them find what they are looking for. Merchants can utilize this information to improve their future strategies.

The shopkeepers can find smooth connectivity to smart applications in ConnectPOS. This platform provides a seamless mobile shopping journey with real-time feedback on the transaction as well as the telemetry of mining data in the transaction stream.

Low cost and high safety from self service POS

Self serve approaches can help the companies that install them save costs. Of course, they will never be able to replace “actual” humans, but they can help to minimize the number of workers needed on a given shift, allowing them to repurpose staff or invest money previously spent on staff in other areas of the firm.

Buyers are in charge of orders while ordering at a self serve POS: they push the buttons and then examine what they have ordered before paying. As a result, there is much less room for error from the retailers.

In a nutshell

Self service POS will be the first choice for retail businesses in the future. So, if you haven’t found your suitable option, call us now to receive the best advice and many special offers. 

Ariel Dg

A Content Contributor at ConnectPOS - the POS system that interfaces directly with leading eCommerce platforms!

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