QR code ordering: The future of contactless restaurants ConnectPOS Content Creator October 15, 2023

QR code ordering: The future of contactless restaurants

QR code ordering

QR codes have become more and more popular. 14 million people in the United States scanned QR codes in 2011. Today, many believe that QR code ordering gives a chance for a better dining experience. In this post, let’s learn more about what is known as the future of contactless restaurants.

QR codes improve your customer experience besides menu-wise

Digital menus

Adjusting digital menus is far simpler and quicker than conventional paper menus. When foods sell out, they can be fast moved out of the menu list. As a result, waiting employees do not have to come back to the table to politely justify the reason. Plus, thanks to dynamic menus, your chefs can adapt their offerings flexibly to attract customers to notable seasonal ingredients or something. 

QR code payments

Statistically, over 35% of operators worked on mobile or contactless payments as an extra safety approach. Also, QR code ordering with the payment functionality could decrease restaurant HR costs by as many as 50%. Generally, QR code-based payments play a big role in providing a great experience for your guests in contactless restaurants. With them, your customers can pay via their devices. That means they do not need to exchange cash and stuff.

Loyalty scheme integration in QR code ordering

You can likewise enjoy loyalty scheme integration in QR code-focused digital menu usage, especially when connected with contactless payments. You can add customers’ loyalty points right within an application connected to their accounts. 

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Coronavirus pandemic transforms QR code ordering positively

According to the National Restaurant Association, since earlier in 2020, 50% of the respondents (i.e., restaurants) had included new QR code-based ordering in their service. Especially, fine dining, casual, and family-style restaurants have especially engaged in using it. What is more, there was a more than 70% boost in downloads of the QR code from March 2020 to August last year.

Optimize QR code ordering with ConnectPOS’s PWA Consumer App

ConnectPOS PWA Consumer App provides your guests with a fulfilled mobile experience. For example, it allows for simple access by QR code, as it enables them to check out and pay their bills easily on the go. Your guests can leverage the fantastic ConnectPOS services as well.

Some other key attributes of this app? It enables scanning barcodes for the information of your products. With the app, you can also personalize recommendations with ease. Your customers will receive personalized recommendations depending on their buying history. Self-checkout likewise cannot be simpler and faster. Guests do not have to wait in the queue and can take out the credit card from their phone for the easiest use at ConnectPOS. Supporting quick multi-device checkout is another plus.


As you can see, QR code ordering is the future of contactless restaurants. They help develop a fantastic customer experience. To get the most out of it, we do recommend you to make use of ConnectPOS. It is trusted by a lot of restaurant owners. For further information about it, call us today!

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