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Optimizing Sales: Best Furniture POS Solutions in United Kingdom

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Enhancing sales efficiency is a top priority for furniture businesses in the United Kingdom, and selecting the right Point of Sale (POS) system plays a pivotal role in achieving this goal. In this article, we explore the key considerations for choosing the best furniture POS solutions tailored to the unique needs of the UK market. From robust inventory management to seamless sales processing, we delve into the features that can optimize the sales performance of furniture retailers in the United Kingdom.

What Is A Furniture Store POS In The UK?

In 2023, there were 240 enterprises in the United Kingdom operating as specialized stores for the retail sale of furniture, lighting equipment, and other household articles with a turnover of more than 5 million British pounds

For UK businesses, adopting the best furniture POS is crucial to increase revenue and keep competition. Tailored to meet the unique needs of furniture retailers, dealers, and home furnishing businesses in the UK, this software suite offers specialized tools and systems. It covers a range of functionalities, including POS for smooth transactions, and robust inventory management to optimize stock levels and minimize overstocking risks.

Moreover, the best furniture POS supports e-commerce capabilities, empowering businesses to establish a strong online presence, showcase products, and conduct seamless transactions. With additional features like retail management tools, product visualizers, configurators, and accounting functionalities, this software becomes a vital asset. By utilizing such tools, furniture businesses can enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, and manage finances effectively.

Key Features In POS Systems In The UK

When selecting the best furniture POS, it’s crucial to consider features tailored to your business needs. Here are key aspects retailers should prioritize in their POS systems:

Fast And Accurate Inventory Management

Selecting a reliable Point of Sale (POS) system is paramount for effective inventory management, particularly in the context of online stores. One such standout solution is ConnectPOS, renowned for its capability to meticulously track inventory levels. With an emphasis on accuracy, ConnectPOS ensures that businesses can maintain an up-to-date record of stock, mitigating the risk of errors and discrepancies in their online inventory.

ConnectPOS further distinguishes itself by offering support for multiple-item listings with customizable fields. This feature allows businesses to tailor their inventory entries to specific product attributes or categories, enhancing the granularity of their tracking system. 

Additionally, the system’s proactive approach to inventory management shines through with timely notifications that alert businesses before stock shortages occur. This foresight empowers retailers to restock efficiently, preventing any disruption in the supply chain and ensuring a seamless customer experience. 

For online businesses seeking the best furniture POS that combines precision, customization, and proactive inventory control, ConnectPOS stands as a reliable and comprehensive solution.

Support For Multiple Payment Options

In the dynamic landscape of retail transactions, it is crucial to select a POS system that embraces flexibility in payment processing. Consider the comprehensive capabilities of ConnectPOS to cater to various payment preferences, both offline and online.

ConnectPOS stands out by providing a seamless and adaptable platform that allows customers the freedom to choose their preferred payment method. Whether it’s credit/debit cards, mobile payments, or other online options, ConnectPOS ensures a hassle-free and convenient checkout experience.

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Integration With Other Services

Enhance efficiency by selecting the best furniture POS that integrates seamlessly with other software, such as inventory management apps. This integration streamlines operations by providing a unified interface for managing the entire business.

Employee Management And Workflow

For businesses with multiple employees, look for POS systems that facilitate task management and assignment. This feature enables communication and real-time updates among staff members.

Loyalty Programs And Gifts

Maximize the potential of your retail business by leveraging POS applications, such as ConnectPOS, to establish robust customer loyalty programs. These programs play a pivotal role in fostering repeat business and building a loyal customer base. With ConnectPOS, you can seamlessly implement and manage loyalty initiatives that reward customers for their continued support.

Additionally, the system streamlines the execution of gift contests and promotional activities. By utilizing ConnectPOS, you can easily set up and administer engaging contests and promotions, contributing to increased sales without incurring excessive advertising costs. This feature not only attracts new customers but also keeps existing ones engaged, enhancing the overall success of your marketing efforts.

Multilingual Support

If your business caters to a global audience, ensure your POS system is multilingual, supporting diverse languages, currencies, and countries. Additionally, customizable preferences enhance the user experience.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management is crucial for both B2B and B2C online businesses. By utilizing POS software, like ConnectPOS, they can effectively manage customer profiles and extract valuable insights into shopping patterns. 

ConnectPOS ensures that transactional data is securely stored, providing easy accessibility for authorized users. This comprehensive solution empowers businesses to build stronger relationships with their customers and make informed decisions based on data-driven insights.

By prioritizing these features, retailers can make informed decisions when choosing a POS system that aligns with their specific business requirements.

Top 6 Best Furniture POS Solutions In The UK


ConnectPOS stands out as a leading furniture POS solution, providing a comprehensive suite of features designed to elevate your business operations.

  • Inventory Management Excellence: Effortlessly manage your extensive catalog with ConnectPOS across multiple warehouses, ensuring optimal control over access levels. The system’s robust capabilities streamline stocktaking processes by enabling seamless barcode scanning. This not only enhances efficiency but also minimizes the risk of errors, ensuring that your inventory records remain accurate and up-to-date.
  • Quote Management for Seamless Customer Interaction: ConnectPOS simplifies handling large orders by offering a sophisticated quote management system. You can generate detailed quotes that support customer decision-making for substantial purchases. Additionally, the platform allows you to easily incorporate custom sales orders, accommodating specific customization requests and providing a personalized touch to your customer interactions.
  • Sales Management For Furniture Orders Complexity: Navigating the intricacies of furniture orders is made simple with ConnectPOS. The system is equipped to handle complex transactions, including partial payments, layaways, and custom orders. Its comprehensive dashboards empower you with both high-level insights and detailed reporting, ensuring that you have a holistic view of your sales performance.

As your best furniture POS, ConnectPOS not only addresses the unique challenges of the furniture industry but also enhances your operational efficiency. Explore the myriad possibilities that ConnectPOS offers to take your furniture retail business to new heights.


Square stands as a prominent and widely utilized POS system on a global scale, and its popularity is well-justified. Known for its affordability, with even a basic version offered for free, Square boasts a recognizable and intuitive interface, making it user-friendly for employees, managers, and customers alike.

Versatility is a key strength of Square, making it suitable for a diverse range of businesses in the UK. Whether you operate a bookstore, a pub, or any establishment in between, Square is highly recommended, especially for businesses with lower transaction volumes. Notably, Square has a dedicated UK-based customer support team that can assist you with your Square account and transactions. You can contact them by phone, email, or social media from Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Square also offers online resources, such as the Support Centre and the Seller Community, where you can find answers to your questions and learn from other Square sellers.

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Renowned for its user-friendly design, Clover stands out as one of the most accessible point-of-sale systems available. Its app-based POS software allows users to effortlessly download the necessary features and products, providing a distinctive and customizable experience. With a wealth of features, Clover proves to be a versatile solution suitable for both retail businesses and restaurants.

In addition to its feature-rich software, Clover offers intuitive hardware options, such as the Clover Flex, which excels in facilitating tableside or mobile payments.

As an all-in-one system, Clover incorporates built-in payment processing, robust inventory and reporting features, as well as the ability to conduct online selling seamlessly.


Zettle stands out as a straightforward and cost-effective POS system tailored for various types of small businesses. Boasting user-friendly proprietary hardware, Zettle proves to be an excellent choice, particularly for businesses in their initial stages. Widely used across the UK, its simplicity and affordability make it a popular option.

With Zettle, you get basic yet effective inventory management and reporting capabilities. The built-in payment processing comes with a flat fee, offering transparency and predictability in transaction costs. Zettle goes beyond the physical store, providing the functionality to facilitate online product sales, extending the reach of businesses beyond their brick-and-mortar presence.

One of Zettle’s strengths is its positive reception among UK merchants, earning high praise for its customer service. The favorable reviews underscore Zettle’s commitment to supporting businesses and ensuring a positive user experience, further solidifying its position as a reliable and well-regarded choice in the UK POS landscape.


Revel stands out as the best furniture POS and prominent player in the realm of UK POS systems, offering a compelling blend of customizability and advanced features, particularly tailored for medium to large-scale businesses. Its strength lies in a robust inventory system capable of efficiently managing an extensive catalog of up to 500,000 stock-keeping units (SKUs). While Revel can also cater to small businesses, its design is distinctly geared towards meeting the needs of enterprise-level companies.

The efficiency of Revel is noteworthy, with a high degree of customizability. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that this customization comes with a steep learning curve, especially for UK merchants less versed in technology. The robust customization options may require the assistance of a tech-savvy professional, making it advisable for businesses without such expertise to consider hiring external support.


For restaurants in the United Kingdom, TouchBistro has emerged as a highly recommended POS system. Uniquely designed with restaurant-centric features in mind, TouchBistro operates seamlessly using iPads, ensuring an easy and user-friendly interface for both customers and employees. The system provides comprehensive reporting capabilities, simplifying managerial tasks for stakeholders.

One standout feature of TouchBistro is its 24/7 support for subscribers. Although call times may extend during peak hours, the availability of round-the-clock support adds an extra layer of reliability for restaurant owners and operators in the UK, ensuring assistance whenever it’s needed the most.

How To Choose The Best Furniture POS For Your Business In The UK

Choosing the best Point of Sale (POS) system for your furniture business in the UK requires careful consideration of several key factors to ensure it aligns with your unique needs and contributes to the overall efficiency of your operations. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make the right choice:

  • Assessing Your Business Needs: Begin by evaluating the specific requirements of your furniture business. Consider factors such as the size of your inventory, the volume of sales, and any unique features or customization options you may need. Identifying your business needs will guide you in selecting a POS system that caters to your specific industry demands.
  • Inventory Management Capabilities: Given the nature of furniture retail, prioritize a POS system with robust inventory management features. Ensure the system can handle a diverse range of products, manage multiple warehouses if applicable, and support efficient tracking of stock levels. Customizability for product attributes and SKU management is also crucial.
  • Sales And Payment Processing: Look for a POS system that streamlines the sales process for furniture transactions. The system should be capable of handling complex orders, partial payments, layaways, and customization requests. Additionally, it supports multiple payment options to cater to diverse customer preferences.
  • Quote And Order Management: A reliable POS system for furniture businesses should facilitate the generation of detailed quotes, especially for large orders. It should also support seamless order management, allowing you to efficiently process custom sales orders and handle customer requests for modifications or personalization.
  • Integration Capabilities: Choose the best furniture POS that integrates seamlessly with other essential tools and software, such as accounting software, inventory management systems, and e-commerce platforms. Integration enhances overall efficiency and ensures a cohesive business ecosystem.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Consider the ease of use for both your staff and customers. A user-friendly interface reduces training time for employees and contributes to a positive customer experience. Look for a system with an intuitive design and features that align with the familiarity of your team.
  • Customer Support And Training: Prioritize POS providers that offer reliable customer support tailored to the UK market. Ensure they provide sufficient training resources for your staff to maximize the potential of the POS system. Quick and effective support is crucial for addressing any issues promptly.
  • Cost Considerations: Evaluate the total cost of ownership, including initial setup fees, hardware costs, and ongoing subscription fees. Consider whether the POS system offers a scalable pricing structure to accommodate your business growth.
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By carefully considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and choose the best furniture POS system that not only meets your current needs but also supports the future growth of your business in the UK.

FAQs Best Furniture POS In UK

For more insights into the best furniture POS systems in the UK or specific details about ConnectPOS, feel free to explore our comprehensive FAQs

Which UK POS Software Is Considered The Best?

Determining the best furniture POS in the UK depends on specific business needs. However, popular choices include ConnectPOS, known for its robust features tailored to the furniture industry, offering seamless inventory management and other essential functionalities.

What Is The Cost Of A UK POS System?

The cost of a UK POS system varies based on features and providers. For detailed pricing information, it is recommended to check with the POS system provider directly. ConnectPOS, for instance, offers flexible pricing plans to accommodate different business sizes.

How About Reliable Free POS Systems For The UK?

While many POS systems have associated costs, some offer free versions with limited features. However, businesses should evaluate their specific requirements before opting for a free system.

Is Quote Management Supported By ConnectPOS?

Yes, ConnectPOS is the best furniture POS that supports quote management, allowing businesses in the furniture industry to provide accurate and professional quotes to their customers. This feature contributes to a seamless sales process.

Does ConnectPOS Offer A Free Trial?

Yes, ConnectPOS typically offers a free trial period. Prospective users can take advantage of this trial to explore the features and functionalities firsthand before committing.


The quest for the best furniture POS solutions in the United Kingdom involves a strategic evaluation of business needs, industry-specific functionalities, and the overall usability of the system. By carefully considering these factors, furniture retailers can elevate their sales operations, streamline processes, and provide a seamless customer experience. For a comprehensive understanding, please contact us with any questions you may have.

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