Omnichannel logistics 101: What you should know before delivery ConnectPOS Content Creator October 13, 2023

Omnichannel logistics 101: What you should know before delivery

Omnichannel logistics

We are living in an era that centers on omnichannel. It can never be easier for consumers to shop online and get their buys in-store. Alternatively, they can visit the store, test the item, pay online, and get their purchases shipped to your house. These days, different customers have different buying behaviors. What businesses need to do is to see whether their shoppers can experience all of the options. That is why figuring out how to better manage inventory with omnichannel logistics through the following guide is critical.

Omnichannel inventory management definition

It is unified inventory management of many customer touchpoints, ensuring optimum operation all over the channels. More specifically, it helps make sure about a streamlined practice among warehouses, and online and offline stores. Once the buying behaviors tweak to current trends, you can make changes as such by altering multichannel management, improving employee management, etc. 

How to better manage inventory with omnichannel logistics?

Integrate inventory management with other systems

Integration is critical as you run many channels that need to weave smoothly together. Unifying these channels and the related procedures will enable you to deliver a more streamlined service.

For example, integrate your stock control with CRM (aka Customer relationship management), sales, and other systems. By doing so, you will get entire oversight and precision over measurements such as stock levels. Ultimately, you can stay away from slow order completion, out-of-stock, and so on. 

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Update your warehouses often 

You need to update your warehouses regularly and improve them continuously. Thanks to point of sale’s omnichannel inventory management, you can have your stock status updated and ship goods timely and appropriately. 

Keep track of the order

Consider having a suited order tracking system. It should work to keep an eye on the order in a seamless process. The good news is with a proper omnichannel logistics system in point of sale, your orders from a lot of channels will get monitored the right way with high accuracy. It likewise can manage the purchase order for the sake of research. 

For example, you may use the omnichannel stock control system to monitor orders and gain insights into consumer behaviors. This way helps enhance your business operations. 

Optimize returns

Remember that returns indicate strongly how effortlessly your stores interact with customers. Research shows that more than 80% of consumers become more loyal to a business with less restrictive policies related to returns. Thus, consider them as the omnichannel experience’s key contributor. We suggest making returns as simple as you can for you and your buyers. 

Generally speaking, if you take the abovementioned steps, you will manage inventory better. And the suitable app we recommend using is the Multi-Source Inventory from ConnectPOS. It manages products and orders, tracks every warehouse, and auto-forecasts the next shipments. For more info, do not hesitate to reach us.


Hopefully, you find the guide helpful and have a better idea of how to better manage inventory with omnichannel logistics. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us now

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