Most Common Magento 2 Issues Faced By Online Store Owners ConnectPOS Content Creator September 24, 2021

Most Common Magento 2 Issues Faced By Online Store Owners

Common Magento 2 Issues

Magento is a very strong and effective eCommerce platform for businesses to handle their activities. However, without proper management and execution, this platform can cause a lot of trouble for beginners in the first place. Some common Magento 2 issues have occurred on this platform, making people hesitate to use it. 

If you are having trouble using Magento 2, or still hesitating to choose it for your business, this article might help you to have some insights on a number of issues faced by store owners.

The Most Common Magento 2 Issues

The following are some of the reasons why e-commerce store owners still hesitate or regret having used Magento as their online business platform:

Slow Loading Time And Poor Performance

This is one of the most common Magento 2 issues that people explain about why they don’t use Magento in the first place. Magento may take a lot of time to load and that is why the performance of this platform can be poor for businesses with a big amount of data. This can increase the click-out rate and can ultimately have a negative impact on revenue.

Lack Of Fundamental Functions

This platform may sometimes lack fundamental functions, such as the disappearance and hidden of some functions. This problem may happen due to an outside attack on your store, or you do not have frequent and proper maintenance. If the problem gets bigger, businesses may even have to hire a developer to solve it, but normally you can fix it with your in-house employees.

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Complex Set up, Not Fit For Newbie

The setup of this platform is complicated for some beginners who are new to Magento or coding. Magento 2 may only be suitable for experienced people who have professional knowledge of technical terms and uses. This complexity is a challenge for businesses with low technical capacities. The data has to be set up properly in the first place in order to avoid possible data loss in the future.

Plain UX/UI Experience

A website with a user-friendly interface can clearly have a higher number of visitors who have a pleasant shopping experience, thus gaining more profits. Magento 2’s experience has been claimed by a lot of users to be too plain. This decreases the quality of the browsing and checkout experience of customers.

Conclusion about Magento 2 Issues

It is noticeable that the Magento 2 issues can be not so easy to get solved. Due to all of the above problems, store owners may hesitate to use Magento for their businesses. This can cause a huge setback to this platform in the first place. 

We hope that this article can offer you some information about the drawbacks of Magento 2. On the other hand, if you are interested in the benefits of Magento 2, visit this article for a more holistic look.ConnectPOS offers Magento point-of-sale system for businesses. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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