Start the dream of becoming the next Starbucks with the ultimate guide to open a coffee shop Quinn T. March 29, 2022
Start the dream of becoming the next Starbucks with the ultimate guide to open a coffee shop

Opening a coffee shop is one of the most attractive jobs. It is the connection between passion for coffee, love of beautiful spaces and business interests. However, from the idea of opening a coffee shop to reality is a process and sometimes we don’t know where to start. In this article, we will share our experiences to help you open a coffee shop, thereby giving you direction in your journey to realizing your passion.

Things to put into consideration before you open a coffee shop


To conduct any business you need to consider costs and opening a coffee shop is not an exception. You need to ask the question, how much capital does it take to open a coffee shop? Considering costs will help you manage expenses effectively, what to invest capital in, what to buy so as not to waste money and time shopping. You should consider expenses such as the cost of renting space; furniture and decoration costs; buying machinery, equipment, coffee cups; cost of raw materials…

Things to put into consideration before you open a coffee shop


The success in opening a coffee shop depends a lot on the premises and location of the cafe. If you open a coffee shop in the area near offices, companies, businesses, schools, you will have a large source of customers, helping your coffee business to be effective. You need to choose locations with spacious premises, with room for guests to park. If you have enough capital, you should choose the space where the customer defaults to the area to drink coffee. For example, you should choose premises where there are many cafes and do better than your competitors so you will win.


Coffee is a rather special product because its consumers will have a thorough evaluation of the product. You should consider the type of coffee product that you will sell, which can be Arabica, Robusta coffee lines; and you need to understand the aroma and caffeine content in each line. 

Process of opening a coffee shop

Business plan & Find suppliers

To open a coffee shop and get a successful business, you need a business plan. The more detailed the business plan, the less risk when opening a shop. You need to answer the questions about the potential customer set of the restaurant; things to do to make a difference from hundreds of other cafes; how to prepare procedures and business licenses…

For supplier selection, you should consult many suppliers, ask them to send test samples and choose the one that fits the set criteria.

Design and establish your coffee shop 

In the design and decoration stage, you need to pay attention to the arrangement of the space, the function of each area, the selection of colors, lighting, furniture for the cafe, the design and installation of signs, and decoration. Besides, the success of the cafe depends a lot on the menu. You should divide your menu into specific items for customers to easily find. In addition, you can design more menu boards placed in front of the door and small menu books placed on the table for customers to order drinks easily. Currently, many coffee shops apply it to make an impression on customers.

Market your cafe

In order to open and run a coffee shop successfully, you need to market it to many people. There are many ways to carry out marketing such as distributing flyers or other forms of online marketing through social networking sites. Besides, find your coffee shop a slogan or set operating criteria. Since then, every time they come to your coffee shop, guests will immediately think of the distinction you create.

ConnectPOS is a great solution and tool to help you open a coffee shop. ConnectPOS will help you with menu management, product management, sales and more to help your coffee shop grow.


Opening a coffee shop and operating it is not an easy thing, but it will be easier if you know the necessary information as above. 

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