Maximize the potential of virtual pop-up shop Lana D July 29, 2022
Maximize the potential of virtual pop-up shop

A virtual pop-up shop is a temporary shop taking the form of live streaming via social media channels or a website. Ensure that you maximize the potential of this shop for added value, engaging repeat purchases. For its maximized potential, you need to consider the following key things. 

Structure the virtual popup shop session

Importantly, you build a structured event, prevent idle times, and ensure participants’ engagement all the way.

  • Introduction: This is the time your business representatives appealingly introduce themselves. Shoppers like emotionally connecting with their brands; that is why you need to begin the session properly and engagingly. Besides, the representatives importantly clarify what topics they will be addressing here, letting the customers understand what to expect; 
  • Engagement rules: A few attendees may join a virtual popup shop session for the 1st time. Thus, you should let them know which engagement rules they need to follow and the way they can proactively join;
  • Conclusion: We suggest holding a warm closing that allows the customers to raise feedback. Should another online popup be already scheduled, your business representatives can let participants be informed by showing a preview invitation and clarifying its topic. This way, they will feel special and attracted to join the next popup.
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Technical check for virtual popup shop

These are several main technical checks:

  • Wifi: Ensure the stability of the Internet connection.
  • Microphone & camera: Make sure that you test the capability of the 2 items before you go live.
  • Background: Remember that the background behind your business ambassador needs to be clean and plain, preventing distraction to the participants. 

Unleash your creativity

Generate engaging content

Answer this question, “why should my community join my virtual popup shop? Make a particular topic in correlation with your main business idea.

For example, should your company makes clothes, you may want to start an online popup centering on a topic: “Office look that wows” The business ambassador can walk the participants through the in-fashion office clothing, recommending new purchasing from main items from your store.

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Make a list of materials

Now that you know best about what you would like to discuss during the virtual popup shop session, create a complete rundown of every necessary material. Make sure that all these things are all set before you go live. This way, you will encounter no distraction when being with your customers

Consult your community

Remember that your community has a lot of people with knowledge and experience that can help the rest of the customers in some way. Connect with them.

For example, let’s say you run a clothing business. Then, you can contact somebody that like upcycling. You can request to conduct a workshop on the best ways of upcycling an old attire from your store and making it more pretty and as new. 

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In conclusion, we are certain that you now have a better idea of maximizing the potential of a virtual popup shop. In case you have any more enquires or need help, please do not hesitate to call us today.

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