5 Magento wishlist extensions to consider for your retail store Lana D March 1, 2022
5 Magento wishlist extensions to consider for your retail store
Magento wishlist extensions

These days, buying online has become easier thanks to the appearance of support software. Among them is the Magento Wishlist Extensions which help consumers create and manage their purchasing decisions through wishlists.

The Importance of Magento wishlist extensions 

Wishlists can be a great tool to retain customers in case they are not prepared to buy right away by saving all the things they need to put in their cart at any time. The wishlist in the Magento 2 extension reminds customers of the items they are considering and simplifies the method when they return to create a purchase. Magento Wishlist Extension also enables customers to review and survey their buying options and then draw the best choice.

Top 5 Magento wishlist extensions

ConnectPOS Magento

With the comprehensive features it offers, ConnectPOS Magento is the software you are looking for to build the perfect omnichannel ecosystem for your Magento website. This Magento wishlist extension allows you to update data instantly. Automatic synchronization of data such as Orders, Inventory, Customers and Products. ConnectPOS Magento POS allows you to implement promotional settings from Magento Admin. Some common discounting rules are Buy X Get Y, Discount Each Product, and Discount Cart Price. In addition, customers can save excess money after purchasing as store credit, which can be used to purchase other goods at the store.

You can try the ConnectPOS Magento experience with their 14-day free trial offer.

5 Magento wishlist extensions to consider for your retail store

Magenest Product Label

Magento Product Labels will help you sell smarter by highlighting products, thereby encouraging customers to make more purchasing decisions. This Magento wishlist extension creates unlimited labels for any attribute like products on sale, most purchased products, and promotes campaigns such as buy one get one free or get a 20% off coupon. Some other specific attributes like eco-friendly, non-toxic, organic, etc. With Magento 2 Product Labels you can share your labels with a specific group of customers you want.

You can try this Magento wishlist extension with the price starting at $49. 

Magento wishlist extension

BSSCommerce as a Magento wishlist extensions

BSSCommerce helps your business to remove the limitations of the default “Add to Wishlist” functionality by supporting unlimited wishlists. This Magento wishlist extension will give customers the freedom to organize their favorite products into multiple lists according to their preferences or needs. That wishlist will not be limited in terms of control and tracking.

BSSCommerce offers for users with the price beginning at $89. 



Landofcoder allows users to create unlimited wishlists based on their intent. If you are a user, you can easily add your favorite products to the existing favorites list or create new ones quickly. Moreover, users can easily categorize products and add to their cart for purchase. With Landofcoder, you can manage lists of many people with different options or flexibly manage products in a wishlist, and you can share wish lists with your friends via email or make a specific wishlist ”public”.

You can try this Magento wishlist extension for $89.


Opayo (Sage Pay) 

Opayo (Sage Pay) has long been known as a payment gateway with PCI DSS Compliant level 1. This Magento wishlist extension helps merchants to comply with PCI security standards. Furthermore, Magento 2 Opayo (Sage Pay) allows merchants to transfer refunds immediately upon exporting momo. It also supports payment by Server, Form, Direct, and PayPal

The price that Opayo (Sage Pay) offers to users is $169.


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