Level up your Shopify POS with these in-app integrations Steven P June 24, 2022
Level up your Shopify POS with these in-app integrations

Today’s retailers are more interested in doing business online, so useful Shopify integrations will always attract their attention. In particular, POS solutions with its integration on Shopify are what retailers always expect because of the benefits it brings. In this article, we would like to introduce the top Shopify POS integrations that make your business easier.

Top Shopify POS integrations


ConnectPOS is a POS system that integrates and connects directly with Shopify. This system with amazing real-time data synchronization between online and offline stores will be a great tool for your store. 

For this Shopify POS integration, information about orders, inventory, products, and customer lists will be continuously updated to Shopify, and even without the Internet, your store can still operate normally.

ConnectPOS has more than 30 in-app integrations and over 20 popular payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and more. What’s more, this app completely personalizes your store. With that, the right omnichannel solution will be advantageous for all your needs, such as a seamless connection with ERP/CRM or in-store reward points/gift card usage.

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In particular, this is a great integration to help you manage your inventory. You can fully experience the 14-day free trial version.

Level up your Shopify POS with these in-app integrations


Erply is one of the most versatile Shopify POS integrations out there. The features of this integration are quite simple but bring amazing results because it allows access to the web even when disconnected. Erply will help you manage all areas for your items and your store. You can use this application for free and it will help you to take better care of your customers.


Selly is one of the highest-rated Shopify POS integration apps. This integration provides additional features that other POS applications may not provide. Its features are stacked and bulk discounts, free shipping options and the ability to buy one get one free. In addition, it also makes up-selling and cross-selling of the store easier to help your business maximize profits.

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Selly also has a CRM link that helps businesses improve interactions with customers and view past order history. You can try this integration for free with basic features, or start at $19.99 per month with more features for business.

Level up your Shopify POS with these in-app integrations


DeskPOS is a great Shopify POS integration app. Using a standardized scanner, the app makes it quick and easy for stores to add items to their management. DeskPOS can completely help you to easily sync items, especially on Shopify stores. This integration allows you to experience its basic features for free along with linking to printers, scanners and money cabinets.

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Level up your Shopify POS with these in-app integrations


Stocky is an integration on Shopify that offers many benefits. This POS system helps increase purchases by understanding how items should be sorted according to its performance and seasonality. This application helps you to track all activities in the store, track inventory to reduce risk. You can install this application completely for free and with only one device to track your entire business will save you time, manpower and cost.

Level up your Shopify POS with these in-app integrations


There are tons of great Shopify POS integrations your business can pursue. And you need to find the best option for your business based on your needs and resources. 

If you need the best POS integration for your Shopify store, feel free to contact us.

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