Omnichannel shopping is so 2010. Is it true? Lana D March 21, 2022
Omnichannel shopping is so 2010. Is it true?
omnichannel shopping

In the digital world, many people talk about omnichannel shopping. It is undeniable that a lot of brands who make an online commerce presence have heard about this word on the Internet, in marketing groups, conference rooms, and so on. But do you know what its meaning really is? In this article, we are digging into the real meaning of this word. Also, we will answer the question, “Omnichannel shopping is so 2010. Is it true?”

What is omnichannel shopping?

Omnichannel shopping is a multiple-channel approach to your business sales. It emphasizes a smooth experience for your shoppers no matter if they are buying online from a mobile gadget or in an offline shop. 

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Omnichannel shopping is so 2010. Is it true?

No, because many things change positively. It is useful to start with how omnichannel retail was in the past to know where it is currently. 

In the past, this term just implies that a retail business had a presence digitally as well as physically. For instance, a clothing shop sold outfits online and in-store. But because retail started to take a deep dive, they started to have real digital transformation over time. 

A good example of that is Walgreens’ transformation. It began as somewhere giving a siloed digital journey. After that, it used a real omnichannel strategy. As you may know, back in 2008, the company gave a digital experience that was below an average level. It only did something about digital marketing and did not have a great number of resources devoted to its digital approach.

In 2010, the firm had a chance to start a digital change. In 2011, it moved dollars of investment money away from the physical store experience. Then, it put investment into an immersive digital journey. A crucial part of this approach had to do with a combination of corporate channel P&Ls. This way broke down silos, it also made certain that every team aimed at the same objective. That was a unified experience for shoppers.

During the year 2011, the firm offered a job at the president level related to digital. This meant this company took the transformation seriously. During the next few years, the firm launched a web pickup service available for online purchases. It made the investment in an enterprise digital capability, too.

From 2013 until recently, this company has kept making omnichannel shopping the best possible. For example, there was live text communication with pharmacy staff through its mobile application. It also used the virtual doctor visit approach.

Nowadays, omnichannel shopping implies a cohesive customer journey at all touchpoints. Omnichannel stops related to siloed marketing efforts do not account for the entire commerce experience.

In conclusion, omnichannel shopping has to do with optimizing your customer experience. Contact us for help in the omnichannel strategy.

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