How to Make A Successful Holiday Season with ConnectPOS ConnectPOS Content Creator September 8, 2023

How to Make A Successful Holiday Season with ConnectPOS

Make A Successful Holiday Season

The end of 2018 is coming near and it’s time you got serious about holiday preparation. Here’s how ConnectPOS can help make a successful season holiday for you.

Forecast your busiest times

Reports can help you better prepare for the holidays, and ConnectPOS provides more than 20 types of reports, including basic and advanced ones. You can look into your historical sales data to identify which days you were busiest last year and the year before that and decide on the holiday opening hours and staff planning.

Stock up on inventory

What were the best-selling items last holiday season? You can turn to ConnectPOS reports for answers and then stock up on those items to maximize sales. Don’t forget to check trends on social platforms to know hot items that you can offer this year, too.

An integrated system of website, inventory management software/ Embedded ERP and POS in brick-and-mortar stores will streamline the stock flow among channels and update the numbers in real-time. ConnectPOS is integrated with Embedded ERP by Boostmyshop for a seamless inventory management process among Magento, POS and inventory management. Remember to set inventory alerts that notify you if a certain item is running low so you can quickly order more.

Enable Offline Mode

Sometimes, things can go wrong when you need them most like the Internet goes out during peak hours. Make sure you prepare for the worst by enabling Offline Mode in ConnectPOS. If you lose your Internet connection, it will automatically switch to Offline mode and you can continue selling and accepting payments. Orders created in Offline Mode will be synced to Magento when the Internet is back so you don’t have to worry about losing sales records.

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Update your offers

Special offers are part of the holiday season, so make sure that you’ve updated your offers on all sales channels. You only need to set up promotions in Magento and then ConnectPOS will synchronize those settings from Magento to POS automatically. Customers can enjoy the same benefits by shopping online or at stores.

Make sure that you spread the word about the special offers as wide as possible via beautifully designed emails, targeted messages, updates on your website and social platforms and signs at your brick-and-mortar stores.

Train your staff

Whether they’re full-time staff or seasonal employees, make sure that they know your policy and in-store procedures well, like fulfilling or refunding orders. ConnectPOS is easy to set up and use with an intuitive interface and simple flows, so your seasonal employees can get used to it quickly. It also helps reduce errors during peak times and fasten the checkout process, making customers happier.

You can also ask for suggestions from the staff who worked with you last holiday season about how you can all do better this year. Your store associates are the representatives of your brand and a key factor in your success and failure, so make sure you have a team you can count on.

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