How Can BigCommerce POS Support O2O Business? Jacey V. August 1, 2021
How Can BigCommerce POS Support O2O Business?

O2O (online-to-offline) business is a new emerging trend among the retail industry in recent years. This model aims to attract customers on online platforms and make them purchase in physical stores. In fact, 58% of purchases stem from something that shoppers see online. Along with the shift to eCommerce, a point of sale system is a must-have technology for retailers. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of a BigCommerce POS to support O2O businesses.

Inventory management tools

If you’re a warehouse or operations manager, you know how complicated inventory management can be. Although you must keep track of each inventory item’s units, item number, and position, you must also ensure that the stock is available to satisfy customer orders.

Managing all of this manually is complex and error-prone. You risk stock outages if your inventory records don’t represent correct stock volumes. Inaccurate inventory reports can also result in fines and penalties during audits.

A BigCommerce POS will help you avoid these negative situations. Its built-in inventory management tool can update your inventory level and create alerts for out-of-stock or low-stock items. For O2O businesses where stocks are dispersed among online and offline channels, a POS with inventory tools can be a beneficial choice.

Personalized shopping experiences 

When it comes to shopping, today’s consumers want a personalized experience. Retailers and brands can keep up by using effective BigCommerce POS systems with customer profiles.

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Personalized interactions support both consumer satisfaction and revenue. It brings out a sense of belonging in the shopping experience at your store. Many BigCommerce POS nowadays store customers’ details after their purchase to analyze their behaviors, such as favorite items, nearby stores, etc. Based on this information, businesses can provide emails, notifications, or in-store recommendations for each customer. Marketing cross-channel like this is the core of any O2O business. 

Simple checkout process

When it comes to online sales, checkout page optimization is a field that many retailers ignore.

Instead, many online company owners and managers concentrate on improving the website’s front end –– designing attractive interfaces, user experiences, and merchandising products to guide consumers down a purchasing funnel.

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However, when it comes to purchasing, an online store’s checkout takes dominance over all other elements of the website, including CTA buttons, product page descriptions, and other more frequently used features.

On the checkout page, there are many ways to increase customer trust, and one of the effective ways is to keep checkout simple. It can be useful to only include the essential steps, such as putting products to a cart, selecting payment methods, and paying. Moreover, imagining what customers really need to do at this stage of shopping can also help you design the most effective checkout page.

Third-party payment gateway integrations

Do you want to provide a safe, fast, and easy-to-use payment system to your customers, whether you own an eCommerce platform or simply maintain an online presence? The payment solution you choose must meet the needs of both your customers and your company. As a result, it must be safe, accept various payment methods, be simple to use and work with your platform.

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It can be wise to integrate third-party payment gateways to offer customers as many options as possible while keeping payment secure. When choosing a BigCommerce POS system with third-party payment gateway integrations, it is important to check whether it requires a processing fee for third-party payments or not. Of course, it is preferable to have a POS that charges no fee. In this case, we would recommend ConnectPOS with excellent omnichannel features for O2O businesses. There is no extra fee for third-party providers, so it is definitely an affordable yet powerful choice.

BigCommerce POS support o2o - payment gateway


A BigCommerce POS system is, without a doubt, a must-have software to support O2O businesses for the above-mentioned reasons. Being a leading BigCommerce POS provider, ConnectPOS includes all the above features that can support O2O business. If you are interested in the system, don’t hesitate to start a free trial or contact us today!

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