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How a contactless vending machine works

contactless vending machine

You see vending machines in just about any place. For example, they are available in shopping malls, cinemas, and offices. You can get your favorite snack after carrying out some steps quickly. How convenient it is, mainly if you use a contactless vending machine. People out there are more and more familiar with this contactless device. Yet, how does a contactless vending machine work? Here, we will dive into the process of this device. Without waiting any longer, let’s check it out.


You will use the keypad to decide which item you wish to take from the contactless vending machine. Yet, this keypad does not just do its job of receiving the presses on the buttons. It likewise houses the computer mechanism of the machine. After registering the button presses, it will inform the computer about which item to choose. 

Payment made in the contactless vending machine

This type of vending machine has been increasingly favorable. That is why cash is not critical to buy from vending machines anymore. Since you rely on contactless payment, your bank card has an RFID chip. The vending machine’s contactless receiver and this have some communication. After the successful validation of your card information, it will be transferred to a card processor through a data-based center. This way allows for the approval of the transaction. 

After that, the contactless vending machine computer and processor have some communication, notifying the computer about whether it can accept your sale. The machine will sell the item you buy in case it accepts the transaction. It will also have funds charged to your bank card. 

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The contactless vending machine commonly has many goods. Coils help each of them to be in place. Power motors control the coils. You can see these coils activated as soon as the machine has accepted your contactless transaction. 

Some machines retrieve the goods with pickers. When the item is chosen, a mechanized arm gets it and leaves it on the tray. Else, the arm will leave the item in a slot where you can reach it. The process is more seamless than just dropping the goods into the machine’s tray. 

The tray in the contactless vending machine

Surprisingly enough, the tray is the machine’s complex part. An arrangement of infrared beams is available at the bottom to spot if your item of choice has moved from the vending machine’s shelf to its tray. As the product moves through the equipment’s beam, this notifies the vending machine that your item has been successfully vending. Please note one case. You have paid using the contactless payment method and the sale has received approval, yet, you have not seen the beams broken. This means the vending machine recognizes that the item does not move to the tray from the shelf yet. In conclusion, a contactless vending machine enables you to complete transactions fast. Also, contactless payments are compliant with the coronavirus pandemic guidelines. For more technology insights, contact us.

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