Restaurant POS Huong Vu September 14, 2023

Restaurant POS

What is restaurant POS?

Restaurant POS is where staff members input order information and transfer them to the back of the house. 

Depending on the type of restaurant, orders can then close immediately (e.g in takeaways restaurants) or remain open until the end of the meal (e.g fine dining restaurants). Afterward, the back-of-house locations (kitchen, bar, etc.) are able to update orders and begin preparation.

Benefits of restaurant POS

Staff members are enabled to offer loyalty programs as well as other promotions for customers. These programs present a massive opportunity to attract potential customers, retain existing ones as well as increase sales profit. Besides, restaurants can improve customer experience by adopting POS systems that support a mobile interface.

  • Enhance menu management

Restaurant POS supports staff members to create, manage and optimize their restaurant menu. Besides, it can also be integrated with billing and inventory management features, which will support restaurants to better curate as well as monitor the restaurant menu.

  • Expand eCommerce offerings

Some POS solutions power restaurants by building a digital platform and allowing customers to make orders and pay for them online. Retailers can also save money spent on online food ordering as well as delivery platforms provided by third parties such as Uber Eats or FoodPanda.

When adopting POs systems, restaurants are able to provide customers with a variety of shipping methods and allow them to choose or change their shipping time and address easily. 

Restaurant POS helps restaurants to ensure secure and transparent transactions and enable them to negotiate directly with payment providers for an appropriate extra fee.

POS solutions obtain in-built features with the ability to produce comprehensive and accurate reports. Subsequently, restaurants can utilize them in order to smoothen restaurant operations as well as better understand the food and beverage service market.