How Can POS System Support Your Delivery Service? ConnectPOS Content Creator September 24, 2023

How Can POS System Support Your Delivery Service?

Delivery Service

Do you know that the number one reason for shopping online among customers is free delivery? Online shopping has become the new trend in the digital and post-pandemic world, with delivery service being one of the most important factors. Businesses nowadays are making use of point-of-sale (POS) systems to support this essential process. But how exactly can POS help the delivery service?

How can POS system support your delivery service?

Customer information for better service

With a POS system that supports delivery service, you can get customer data about their preferences, peak hours of online orders, where do they live, and ask for their feedback. Understanding your customers is the key to maintain the customer service that suits their interests. For example, you may appoint more delivery people during peak hours to accommodate the increased number of customers, or adjust anything based on their feedback.

This customer information from POS can also help to build loyalty programs and distributing gift cards/coupons whenever possible. A personalized shopping experience can be creatively incorporated into the delivery part. With customer information from your delivery POS, try to think out of the box, such as providing greeting cards/thank you notes for frequent buyers in their delivery package. The positive feedback from customers might surprise you.

Transparent delivery/inventory information 

With a delivery POS scheme, you can keep drivers on track from dispatch to delivery. POS systems can include advanced distribution management features, including delivery routing and zoning, as well as automated online digital maps. This ensures that consumers never have to wait longer than required for their food.

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Your drivers can process credit card payments in the field with mobile, reducing manual credit card processing fees. Moreover, with warnings for driver premiums and license expirations, you’ll never have to wonder if your delivery people are road-ready.

In addition, POS systems also support multi-location and multi-warehouse management. Monitoring several stores and warehouses is now easier with the help of delivery POS. In this situation, the system helps to appoint a suitable warehouse for each delivered order. 

POS delivery apps

Over the past few decades, on-demand delivery apps have brought in the most significant change. For example, in the restaurant industry, waiters and cashiers used to manually type orders from delivery apps into their POS systems. The disconnect between delivery apps and POS systems seemed to create an organizational bottleneck, resulting in a lot of mistakes and inconvenient workflow. 

The issue was significant enough to draw the attention of third-party software developers, who developed solutions to bridge the gap and automate the delivery app to POS order entry process.

With POS, businesses can provide a complete image of their online and offline delivery records in one location, reduce manual menu and order management operations.


POS systems can be highly beneficial for your delivery service if you know how to make use of them. We hope that this article can help you to make better decisions in using your POS.

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