POS Display Huong Vu September 14, 2023

POS Display

What is POS Display?

Point-of-sale (POS) display is a form of sales promotion that is placed near the checkout counter (or the point of sale). In the display, a wide range of elements can be added and adjusted, such as the brand name, colors, or layout. POS display should be eye-catching and informative to attract customers.

Why does POS display important for retailers?

As the retail industry is a competitive field, retailers need POS displays to distinguish their stores from competitors. POS display can make the store stands out in the street among many others, or attract customers when they are already at thecheckout counter.

The POS display can serve as an advertising space for their business with the full ability to customize it. It fills in the empty space at the checkout counter where customers often have time to look around. Especially during peak hours when customers have to wait in a queue, looking at the POS display can prevent them from leaving the store, and sometimes can also remind them of something they just missed.

In addition, retailers can use it as a way to inform customers about their promotions or special products being sold in the store.

What can be included in the POS display?

Retailers or marketers can be creative and free in deciding what to be included in the POS display. The most common elements in a POS display are standees, hanging signs, standing display units, posters, or banners. 

The POS display can be just a 2D standee/banner/poster featuring some animations or discount products. Meanwhile, bigger stores such as supermarkets often prefer using standing display units to place certain types of products, such as tobacco, chewing gums, comics, batteries, or drinks.

What makes a good POS display?

Research has shown that including a functional benefit of the product is effective to increase visibility, while adding people to the display can make it more complicated. A larger size of the POS display can also attract more customers; however, it totally depends on the space you have to decide on that. 

All in all, a good POS display should balance between clarity and creativity to gain attention without overwhelming people.