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Kiosk POS
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What is a Kiosk POS?

A kiosk POS is a type of self-service kiosk that handles orders and transactions at the point of sale. It is often in the form of a standalone machine with a touchscreen and connected to the Internet. With self-service kiosk POS, customers can conduct one-ended transactions with security and ease. Kiosk POS can be commonly found in the airport, restaurant, retail stores, or anywhere that has ticket-selling activities.

What is often included in a kiosk POS?

Because it is a self-service machine, kiosk POS is often designed in a space-saving format. However, it still contains essential devices, such as a user-friendly touchscreen for customers to interact with, and a card reader for faster checkout. 

In addition, self-service POS also comes with barcode scanners for customers to do the self-checkout. This function is particularly important and useful in supermarkets with a large number of customers. A portable receipt printer may also be included in a self-service POS to provide customers with bills if requested.

What are the benefits of kiosk POS?

It has a number of advantages if being monitored appropriately. Some of the most outstanding benefits are:

  • Faster and more accurate checkout process: Kiosk POS offers a self-checkout service, which can be highly beneficial during rush hours. Customers don’t have to wait in line for checkout, as there are multiple self-service kiosks available to accommodate many people at the same time. In addition, the help of machines can also minimize human mistakes.
  • Save human resources: The checkout process can be a repetitive process, thus the help of automation can help in this case. With self-checkout, businesses can save human resources for other tasks that require more complexity and consideration.
  • More targeted upselling: Upselling is when customers are encouraged to purchase more expensive products, upsize, or other add-ons. Using kiosk POS, retailers can directly invite customers to buy more, based on their carts and preferences recognized by the machine.
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