Barcode Scanner Huong Vu September 15, 2023

Barcode Scanner

What is a Barcode Scanner?

Barcode Scanner or Barcode Reader is an important electronic device for warehouse management and sales process. Barcode Scanners scan across barcodes for gaining real-time information about products or services such as price, quantity, etc.

Types of Barcode Scanners

Pen Wand

Pen Wand is the basic and least expensive type of barcode scanner. However, this type of barcode scanner is considered the best durable due to its simple design (with no moving parts) and being able to tackle environmental impacts. When using Pen Wand to scan for certain items, cashiers should keep this device in direct contact with the barcode and hold it at the right angle. 

Slot Scanner

Unlike Pen Wand, this type of Scanner is installed for good and used to scan identification cards. Cashiers have to move the barcodes across this scanner to get the information.

CCD Scanner

CCD scanner is similar to a digital scanner. With an actual lens, this scanner is able to capture high-resolution images with details and widen colored space. CCD has a greatly fast scan speed, however, it can only read the barcodes in a limited read range. Due to its high speed and cost-effectiveness, this type of scanner is popularly used in retail activities, nowadays. 

Image Scanner 

Image Scanner – or also be called a camera reader can scan documents such as photographs or texts. This scanner will convert the scanned files into digital forms. The possible scan range of image scanners can be up to 9 inches away and much larger than CCD scanners.

Laser Scanner

Laser scanners use the laser to scan information in the form of point-out data including 3D spatial data. This scanner can be handheld or installed. It can scan items from 24 inches away and in every direction.