Get inspired by these 10 Shopify stores Huong Vu October 16, 2023

Get inspired by these 10 Shopify stores

Get inspired by these 10 Shopify stores

In this article, we would like to provide 10 examples of Shopify stores to help you get inspired and apply them to your business.

10 Shopify stores that help you get inspired

Partake Foods

Partake Foods is a store in Shopify that specializes in healthy snacks. This store sells cookies in flavors like chocolate chip, birthday cake and gingerbread with safe ingredients and free of the top 8 allergens, artificial colors, preservatives and genetically modified ingredients.

Uppercase Magazine

Uppercase Magazine is one of the Shopify stores that offers interesting articles and photos on craft, fashion, illustration, and design concentrated in one beautifully printed package. This store has been around as one of the top Shopify stores since 2009 and has expanded its publications to include Little U, a youth magazine, and Encyclopedia, a series of books that specializes in topics such as ceramics, cookbooks, quilting and print production.

Hiut Denim

Hiut Denim is a jeans store on Shopify. This Shopify store takes advantage of the traditional jeans-making skills and know-how, which are alive with many locals, demonstrating their dedication to the craft and bringing production back to Cardigan. Hiut Denim makes the best jeans but not the most jeans, as they always focus on detail, satisfaction and quality.

Package Free

Package Free is a store on Shopify that is sure to inspire you. This store is trying to fulfill its mission of reducing waste by selling free beauty and household items in bundles. Package Free is doing a great job in its mission when they produce environmentally friendly and non-toxic products.

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Flourist is a stall that always displays and sells each freshly ground grain and powder like a bouquet of fresh flowers. Flourist focuses on 100% traceable powders and dried goods. On its website, the stall also offers pages about farmers that the company works with. This is one of the best Shopify stores that is also a paradise for baking enthusiasts.


Bailly is a store specializing in all-natural and vegan fragrances. This store offers 15% of each sale from the Girl Power collection for the Just Like My Child Foundation project. Bailly’s fragrances have a scent extracted from nature, not causing any irritation or overpowering smell.

BLK and Bold

BLK & Bold is one of the Shopify stores that contributes to social projects. This shop aims to help local communities through the sale of caffeinated beverages as an incentive to equip young people with the tools to overcome unfortunate circumstances. The company spends 5% of its profits on initiatives to sustain youth programs, strengthen workforce development, and eliminate youth homelessness.


Bebemoss specializes in providing sustainable children’s toys. This shop always employs stay-at-home moms and pays reasonable wages. It’s worth noting that the mothers here are mostly refugees from Syria, working to rebuild their lives. Bebemoss toys are all made by these mothers to earn a living to support the family.

Kirrin Finch

Kirrin Finch also made its name on the list of the most inspirational Shopify stores as a sewing company that focuses on gender-neutral clothing. Although they are inspired by men’s clothing, the products are designed to fit a wide range of women’s bodies and people. Kirrin Finch has always been sourcing eco-friendly fabrics, conducting pollution reduction activities, and partnering with ethical and fair labor manufacturers. 

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Terre Bleu

Terre Bleu is a store running a lavender farm. This pavilion has attracted many visitors who come to soak up the atmosphere of the ranch, which brings a part of Provence to Canada. They have also expanded on Shopify with their offering of lavender-infused beauty, food, and household products.

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