Gear up for the data driven transformation Lana D May 25, 2022
Gear up for the data driven transformation
data driven technology

Digital transformation has become more prevalent in the business realm these days, so data driven technology takes a bigger part than ever. Suppose you have collected a large amount of information about your goods and shoppers. In that case, you can make strategic and tactical plans consistent with ever-changing customer needs and take the lead. So, how can you gear up for the data driven transformation? Let’s get down to the following steps with us!

What is data driven technology?

Data driven technology refers to the software or system that allows firms to look into their data and arrange them with the objective of serving their consumers and shoppers better. By leveraging data to take further action, you can customize your messages to your shoppers for a more personal touch to your customer service. 

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Types of data

Aggregate data

Today, companies tend to use a great many separate systems and apps such as CRM, ERP, and so on. So, data can get fragmented and duplicated with ease, aside from becoming obsolete after you have passed them between teams. As such, you should gather and group data by defining the existing storage locations of data, dividing the current data by name, access, value as well as aggregating them in a systematic way.

Clean data to facilitate the application of data driven technology

After aggregating the data, you need to begin cleaning them. The data may have a lot of values that miss, are out-of-range, or get duplicated. Data that lack accuracy may result in errors when your business is running. For instance, when you utilize a transportation control system, in case the dispatcher writes down the incorrect address of the shopper, the system will arrange orders to inappropriate vehicles. In case your business does not recognize and correct the issue quickly, you risk disappointing your shopper and decreasing your brand’s reputation.

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Store data

To gear up for the data driven technology transformation, you should also know how to store data. Keep them in the same storage system. If you notice the rise of data sources and the urgent demand for accessing timely and proper information, you can utilize master data control to offer up-to-date information to every team in your company promptly. For instance, when your staff sells new goods to an existing shopper, they can check the information kept in the system (for example, shopper information, previous purchase orders, and so on) to give the best support. 

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Analyze data

You should use data driven technology such as cutting-edge analytics tools to analyze data. These analytics can be the prescriptive, predictive, or descriptive types. For instance, the predictive type assists you in forecasting trends of the future market and their influences on your business so that you are able to create preventive and appropriate risk decrease strategies. 

In conclusion, we hope you can draw a better picture of how to gear up for the data driven transformation. If you need more support about data driven technology, call us

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