Find the best POS system for your multiple stores in south africa

Businesses operating today always want to expand their scale by having more than one store. Therefore, a suitable POS system for multiple stores is what retailers in South Africa, in particular and in the world, in general, are looking for. In this article, we would like to introduce the best POS system for your multiple stores in South Africa.

The requirements of a good POS system for multiple stores in South Africa

A good POS system for multiple stores in South Africa for businesses should first ensure to provide features that are appropriate for the size and operation of the business. A POS system suitable for multiple stores needs to provide management, synchronization, and reporting features. Management features include order and goods management, inventory management, employee and customer management. Along with that, the feature of synchronizing and updating data in real-time is also very important for businesses to easily manage; besides analysis and reporting features for businesses to understand the business in all the stores.

Top POS system for your multiple stores in South Africa


Connect POS is a great system for stores in South Africa. This is a great POS solution with full features for managing stores on one platform. In particular, the Centralized data feature is a powerful feature that the system provides together with its Multi Source Inventory software that will help businesses easily synchronize and manage all data from stores in many locations.


Yoco’s POS system supports multi-branch stores easier to understand and comprehensively manage business operations. A special feature of Yoco is its mobile card acceptance service in 2015 with an affordable pay-per-use transaction pricing model. Its POS system allows businesses in South Africa to have real-time access to sales insights and analytics. In particular, with the Yoco payment gateway that allows businesses to accept payments on WooCommerce or Wix e-commerce websites, this is a feature that the POS system can support for businesses with multiple stores.


Ikhokha has a suitable POS system for businesses with multiple stores in South Africa to manage their inventory, employees, and suppliers easily. Businesses can manage their entire storefronts with their card machines by accessing a suite of online tools. In particular, this POS solution has three POS software packages suitable for today’s businesses namely Retail POS System, Hotel POS System and Enterprise POS System.

Vodapay Max

VodaPay Max offers a suitable POS system for stores, especially in South Africa. This system helps businesses easily switch to e-commerce, accept mobile payment wallets in South Africa and provide real-time reporting to monitor business performance.

Sage POS

Sage is a POS system that helps businesses in South Africa, especially stores, save money without missing out on important features. This is a cloud system so it’s easy to store information and transfer it internally, suitable for multiple stores. Sage POS offers three packages with essential tools for stores to manage their finances, including invoicing, cash flow management, VAT tracking, online payments and more, from any device – PC, tablet or phone.


A suitable POS system for multiple stores in South Africa needs to be responsive in terms of POS features, affordable prices and especially in terms of business suitability. Contact us if you are looking for a great POS system for your stores.

Steven P

Steven is a content collaborator at ConnectPOS. With years of experience in retail and eCommerce, he has researched and published many in-depth articles.

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