Farm to table: The trend that transforms the food industry ConnectPOS Content Creator October 15, 2023

Farm to table: The trend that transforms the food industry

Farm to table

Visit any popular restaurant currently, and you likely see the menu addressed to have ‘locally sourced’ ingredients. It is indeed another name for farm to table. This trend has transformed the food industry today. For more information about it, read this post.

What is Farm to Table?

The farm-to-table concept is more than just a dining trend; it’s a social movement that places a strong emphasis on local and sustainable food sourcing. This movement encourages dining establishments to prioritize local and regional food producers and engage in direct sourcing whenever possible. The aim is to create a closer connection between the producer and the consumer, promoting transparency, freshness, and a deeper understanding of the origins of the food being served. Farm-to-table dining encompasses a wide range of products, from fresh produce and meats to items from local fisheries, breweries, and wineries, promoting not only the consumption of local products but also the support of local economies. This movement resonates with consumers who value the quality and authenticity of the food they eat while also recognizing its positive impact on the environment and the community.

The earlier time

The beginning of the 1900s saw the first assortment of industrial America. Along with that, many farmers gave up on their farms and found chances on the cities’ assembly lines. As part of the cultural change, more places served quick meals instead of traditional gatherings between family members at the meal table. Mechanization related to producing and distributing food began to appear. Tech-related enhancements likewise enabled food to get cooked and delivered in bigger numbers and more efficiently.

The quite positive shift to Farm to table

The post-war United States saw more prosperity. There was a widespread revolution around the 1960s which promoted a more natural life. That was when a lot of people came back to the land. Yet, they did so more because they wanted to leave the corporate system. They did not pay much attention to the food chain concerns health-wise. 

Farm to table: the trend that transforms the food industry

A lot of people believe the first dining business of this type showed up thanks to Alice Louise Waters, known as a chef. In 1971, she founded California-based Chez Panisse. According to her, cooking should involve using the freshest and best seasonal ingredients. That was why she tried and sources sustainable foods. Amid the trend, urban areas saw chances to purpose abandoned zones again for community gardens. One example was Cleveland. Needs from the increasing number of dining businesses that followed the farm-to-table trend have likewise resulted in the young returning to farming. From 2007 to 2012, there was a rise by 10% in the number of U.S young people aged below 35 operating farms.

Also, farm to table has impacted how people make meals at home. They tend to come to their local farmer’s market to buy fresh products. The higher need for available local food products has led to a more than 350% rise in the number of American farmer’s markets. 

Use ConnectPOS to perfect farm to table

ConnectPOS is the best choice for this trend for good reasons. It develops reliable, cutting-edge software for point of sale systems. This solution suits many business types, including farm to table restaurants. Some of its perks are a 2-week free trial, real-time data synchronization, accessible offline and online procedures, and so on. In short, farm to table is the trend that transforms the food industry. More and more businesses have followed it. For further information about how to perfect it with ConnectPOS, contact us.

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