Explore 5 outstanding benefits of Netsuite system Huong Vu October 7, 2023

Explore 5 outstanding benefits of Netsuite system

Explore 5 outstanding benefits of Netsuite system

Today’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is being used commonly in most businesses. However, to use it, businesses need time to learn and choose the system for them. One thing is for sure, the adoption of the Cloud platform will bring great advantages to enterprises. Therefore, in this article, we would like to introduce the cloud-based NetSuite ERP system and the outstanding benefits of the NetSuite system to help you make a decision to use it.

What is the Netsuite system?

NetSuite is a cloud application, a SaaS software (Software as a service) with no limitations in computing power or functionality. NetSuite system possesses a series of integrated features, including financial reporting, inventory management, project management, accounting and production management, etc. Not only that, these features can also be easily customized to business needs. By using this EPR system, there is no need to give up any computing power, functionality, or operational benefits.

Explore 5 outstanding benefits of the Netsuite system

Enable easy third-party integration

The NetSuite system supports many benefits for businesses, especially the easy third-party integration benefits. Although this system is used as a centralized system mainly for finance, users can fully extend it to other departments, including marketing, sales, and human resources. In particular, NetSuite can connect to many different systems: HubSpot, Salesforce, Amazon and Shopify, etc. This integration allows users to keep NetSuite as their base system while continuing to manage other platforms better suited to each of their department’s needs.

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With the integration of NetSuite’s third parties, businesses will have a perfect ERP system. Whether it’s demand and supply chain management applications or eCommerce, the software designed by these partners can be integrated as a complement to your NetSuite ERP system.

Establish visibility for the business

It is difficult for employees who are faced with manually entering data every day, whether for invoices or reports, especially at the end of the month. Now, with the NetSuite system, it gives you certain features like customizable dashboards, unified customer profiles, and real-time access. This saves your employees time and enables your business to make timely business decisions. These components create a highly personalized and efficient sales cycle, responsive customer needs, and more satisfactory service processes.

Customize NetSuite to fit each business requirement

The NetSuite system has more than 30 different modules along with many add-ons, which are designed to fit the unique needs of each business. Thanks to this benefit, it is easy for multinational companies to consolidate their data as well as provide organizations with better visibility into their reports and analytics. In particular, in the unified NetSuite system, businesses will have access to: multiple currencies, tax rules, and reporting requirements; global customer relationship management (CRM) for complex multinational sales needs; and worldwide access to financial, customer and business data.

Automate everything for ease of mind

The great benefit that the NetSuite system brings is automation. NetSuite brings end-to-end automation of all enterprise data. Thanks to this benefit, manual entry of data from one system to another is eliminated and risks are minimized. Enterprises can easily enter data in one place and display it anywhere they want in just this system.

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Conveniently house multilingual capabilities

For global businesses, a lack of language ability is a major factor in business failure. However, in this NetSuite ERP system, it supports many languages ​​such as English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Japanese. This provides an excellent service to international companies that have subsidiaries in locations outside of English-speaking countries.


The benefits of the above NetSuite system will bring your business success if you start using it today. Contact us to get the fastest support to connect to this system.

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