Expand your BigCommerce souvenir shop with top 5 BigCommerce POS system Huong Vu October 13, 2023

Expand your BigCommerce souvenir shop with top 5 BigCommerce POS system

Expand your BigCommerce souvenir shop with top 5 BigCommerce POS system

One of the most well-liked eCommerce systems for multichannel retailers aiming to grow their online presence and boost earnings is BigCommerce. With the help of significant technology vendors, BigCommerce is able to offer a number of applications. Point-of-sale software is one of these. We’ll go over a list of the best 5 BigCommerce souvenir shop POS systems in this blog, which will give your retail store a plethora of possibilities.


One of the top BigCommerce souvenir shop POS systems currently available is ConnectPOS. As a cloud-based POS, the system offers a seamless online to offline experience. Over 2,000 merchants from all over the world have relied on it to assist them in managing their enterprises. Numerous devices, such as PCs – personal computers (running Windows or macOS) and smartphone apps (Android, iOS), are compatible with the system.

Because it includes all the best features required to improve a company’s services, ConnectPOS shines out among the best POS systems. The efficient real-time synchronization that keeps you informed about the inventory level is what really sets ConnectPOS apart. In order to enhance the retail environment, ConnectPOS also makes use of cutting-edge technology like the PWA (Progressive Web App) Consumer App and AI (artificial intelligence) Face Recognition.


A comprehensive tool that includes inventory, fulfillment, and other business management tools, including the optimization of repetitive processes, is what Skubana, an order management solution, offers businesses.

Additionally, it interfaces with third-party software and services including ShipBob, Amazon, Walmart, Zapier, QuickBooks, and SPS Commerce. Skubana also provides one-click interfaces with Shopify, Shopify Plus, and Shopify POS.

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Square POS

One of the top BigCommerce souvenir shop POS systems to take into consideration when it comes to eCommerce is Square POS. Square POS offers features like online payment processing, inventory tracking, insights/analytics, and other features. The system is simple for merchants to use on both iOS and Android.

Additionally, this company sells both POS hardware and software. The software allows you to operate both online and offline. Accessible immediately from the app, Square POS also features reporting and analysis with top-line data.


For expanding firms, the handling of sales orders, purchases, listings, drop shipping, and shipments can be handled by the web-based multi-channel solution called Ecomdash. Data and information are synced to and from suppliers, sales channels, providers, fulfillment centers, and warehouses using this straightforward BigCommerce retail inventory software.


Cloud-based BigCommerce retail POS, Hike, gives you everything you need to be successful. The integration of Hike and BigCommerce makes it simpler than ever to manage every part of your business while selling through all channels.

The system works with iPad, PC, and Mac computers. As a cloud-based POS, Hike is capable of syncing data to a central database. Customers can customize product choices, taxes, invoices, and many other aspects of purchasing. A robust reporting system for all core business operations is provided by this program.

Have you discovered the perfect BigCommerce retail point of sale for your company? If you have any queries concerning the BigCommerce souvenir shop POS market or our industry-leading POS system, ConnectPOS, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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