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Best POS Supporting Loyalty Programs In 2023

POS supporting loyalty programs

A business needs to make new customers for constantly increasing revenues and expanding their business. New customers can become permanent buyers or long-term clients. To seize every opportunity that a retailer has to attain a new customer, a lot of shops offer loyalty plans to boost customer loyalty. The loyalty programs that come with many POS systems have many advantages for a business. It becomes easy for any type of business of all sizes to create loyalty programs using a POS system. As we’re reaching the end of 2020 real soon, in today’s article, we’ll discover the best POS supporting loyalty programs that we think to stand out in 2023. 

Why do you need a POS system that can create loyalty programs?

All the customers, new or old, are vital for a business. Building long-term relations with clients can keep sales in good shape. The attractive rewards and long-term relations help to boost sales.

This is why loyalty plan programs are significant as they help stores retain old customers and obtain new ones. Having a loyalty scheme is a classic method, yet it’s still working all the time. In reality, both online shops and offline trading can benefit from it. The old customers also help to bring in new clients for a business. Happy shoppers advise others to shop from the markets which suit their needs. This way, new clients get to know about the many shops and products they offer.

The POS loyalty program feature helps business owners and operators manage their loyalty programs in the best way. It assists retailers in keeping customers’ information, storing their purchase histories. Even better, some advanced POS systems can also send automated notifications to customers who are reaching the next tier. In summary, POS supporting loyalty programs is fruitful and handy in ensuring that loyalty programs are running smoothly and properly. 

Best POS supporting loyalty programs in 2020

When you are deciding upon selecting the best POS system, buy the one that suits your business needs. Shopping for the best POS system supporting loyalty programs is not that hard. Here are a few to select from.

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This POS system is cloud-based POS software for omnichannel retailers. ConnectPOS is outstanding as a POS supporting loyalty program that offers many solutions for creating buyer rewards and benefits. 

The best part is that you can customize these loyalty programs. There are different types of products a business sells. This is because it is targeting clients in different sectors. 

ConnectPOS provides you with all the customizable tools for loyalty programs. These are the tools you need to create rewards for different products. This software can create gift cards, discount options, and other buyer benefits. There is a reward point function available for including in a loyalty program. There are so many loyalty-creating features in this POS software.

With the ConnectPOS loyalty program, you can: 

  • Choose your loyalty integrations
  • Redeem loyalty points
  • Pay for orders using loyalty/reward points
  • Check the customer’s loyalty/reward points balance
  • Comprehensive customer loyalty reports

Another benefit worth mentioning is the diverse payment methods supported by transparent payment gateways: Paypal, Moneris, iZettle, etc. Additionally, ConnectPOS software can analyze and provide various business reports. Other features include managing inventory, sales, costs, and other trading options. ConnectPOS software is compatible with both Android and iOS, and can run well on multiple platforms including desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. 

Square POS

Square POS system is a popular choice for making customizable loyalty programs. Many restaurants, food shops, cafes, and coffee shops are using this software. Square POS system offers you all the tools you need to create loyalty programs. Creating gift cards, rewards, reward points, and other bonuses for buyers is simple. This POS system can run on many types of operating systems and smart devices, including iPads, Android tablets, PCs, and Mac systems.

If you’re using the Square App or Square Online, you can subscribe to Square Loyalty and create a digital rewards program to reward repeat customers. Loyalty points can be applied to cash and card purchases. Your customers can sign up quickly and easily by entering their mobile number right in the register or online when completing a purchase and earn punches no matter how they pay. 

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Key functions of Square POS loyalty programs feature: 

  • Choose how customers earn a point
  • Choose how customers get rewards
  • Customize the terminology of your loyalty program
  • Add tiers to your loyalty program
  • Add points expiration date
  • Manage rewards applied to modifiers
  • Incentivize customers to provide their email address
  • Set up locations

Vend POS

Vend POS system is popular among retail outlets. Other types of businesses can also use Vend POS software. It provides you with plenty of features and creating loyalty programs is one among these. Vend POS system can reward customers and buyers with gift cards or with points for purchasing goods. You can also customize loyalty plans. It can add new customers to the loyalty programs automatically. Vend POS system has other uses for an online business. This software can manage inventory, stock and present business reports. You can use Vend POS on Mac, PC, and iPad. 

Vend Loyalty is a system where customers earn dollars to spend in your store with every purchase they make. It’s designed to be as simple as possible for you and your customers. This means no points. No buy 9, get 10th free. Simple and easy for everyone to understand. 

Vend POS loyalty program features come with various functions:

  • Send welcome email
  • Customize your products
  • Turn loyalty off for existing customers
  • Use price books to get more out of loyalty
  • Migrate from another loyalty program
  • Use loyalty with your accounting system
  • Add a customer
  • Opta customer out
  • Adjust a balance

LightSpeed Retail POS

This POS system is cloud-based, a premium software for creating loyalty programs. You can run this POS system on a PC, Mac, and iPad. Lightspeed POS system can perform various rewarding functions for attracting buyers. There are options available for texting and promoting rewards on customer purchases. This software can categorize your rewards according to your Smart Customer Groups. 

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Lightspeed supports the loyalty program in more than one way: 

  • Highly targeted rewards program with a branded customer-facing web app and online point tracker.
  • Automated campaigns via SMS and a drag-and-drop email builder.
  • Customer insights include customer spending habits and promotional efforts’ results from one dashboard.
  • Points-based loyalty program with flexible reward tiers
  • Control of your promotions and coupons in-store and online
  • Notifications about one-time deals on birthdays or to VIP shoppers

Toast POS

Toast POS software runs on particularly Android-based devices. It has plenty of handy features for food shops. The restaurants use this POS system because it can track orders and deliveries made. You can use this software to create loyalty programs of your choice.

Toast loyalty program is simple to set up and even easier to use. When guests sign up for the loyalty program, they can earn points on every purchase using a linked credit card. The points can be redeemed later on as a discount on future purchases in the store or online. There are even optional features to offer bonus rewards such as sign-up bonuses and birthday rewards. 

Key functions worth mentioning are:

  • An email integration option for buyers to receive updates on their rewards. 
  • Smart CRM feature that comes with built-in
  • Creating birthday rewards for buyers
  • Swipe credit card, opt-in, earn points
  • Points-based rewards
  • One flat fee per month
  • Credit card-linked program
  • Loyalty reporting

Which one to choose?

There are the top 5 POS supporting loyalty programs to ensure that your customers are happy not only with the products you sell or the services you offer but also with the extra benefits that keep them coming back to you. As the retail space is now “saturated” with the adoption of loyalty programs, it’s decisive that you, as a business owner and operator, find yourself the best POS system supporting loyalty programs to make yours stand out. And let us be that POS system of yours! ConnectPOS, one of the leading cloud-based POS software, takes pride in providing all types of businesses of all sizes with technologically advanced and well-functioning loyalty programs integrated into your POS. 

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