Everything you need to know about NetSuite commerce Huong Vu October 7, 2023

Everything you need to know about NetSuite commerce

Everything you need to know about NetSuite commerce

NetSuite was born in the explosive digital era and is the pioneering solution in the Cloud Computing revolution. It is a platform that is at the forefront, especially in terms of data transmission speeds that help businesses utilize resources and run business operations more quickly. This is very suitable for firms that are doing commercial business. In this article, we would like to introduce everything you need to know about NetSuite commerce to be able to use it easily.

What is NetSuite commerce?

NetSuite Commerce refers to an eCommerce solution from NetSuite that helps B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Customers) merchants deliver an engaging and relevant online experience for customers and each type of business. It is the solution to drive traffic to your online store, convert shoppers into customers, and increase online revenue with a feature-rich, mobile-optimized cloud eCommerce platform that is easy to manage and enhance. NetSuite Commerce can also merge eCommerce with other core business systems, providing a single view of critical data, and supporting personalized and omnichannel experiences.

Benefits of NetSuite commerce

NetSuite Commerce has many great benefits that help meet the expectations of modern online customers and deliver business value quickly. It provides a preconfigured, role-specific user dashboard for businesses. This is very convenient for a business to start a business at any time.

First of all, businesses can completely switch platforms without compromising on seamlessness. Data such as online categories, product information and more will be preserved when switching to this Commerce solution while keeping current search engine rankings.

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With built-in reports, businesses can fully utilize business reports on this platform to gain insights and drive business success. This is also a system that modernizes companies by providing a single picture of their organization. NetSuite’s eCommerce platform combines CRM (Customer Relationship Management), order management, and inventory with no advertising. It also tracks real-time inventory, customer data, orders, and critical business information.

NetSuite also benefits enterprises with Customer Conversion. Businesses can focus on interacting with customers and meeting specific requirements. This will result in a positive customer experience through its tracking and analytics features.

Get access to NetSuite commerce

To complete the connection to NetSuite commerce, businesses can make direct contact or connect through an intermediary. For direct connection, businesses need to link and establish their system foundation. What they should do is consider the necessary features, integrate them into the firms’ systems, and accelerate the development of features to make a comprehensive support system for business operations. Once connected and used, regular review and evaluation of performance are also necessary so that businesses can get the most out of the facility at no additional cost.

However, if businesses find it difficult to connect directly, accessing through an intermediary will be a reasonable choice. Among those intermediaries, ConnectPOS is a perfect choice. This point-of-sale system is built on the cloud, both to meet the business needs of enterprises and to help develop eCommerce by supporting the connection with NetSuite commerce.

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