Everything you need to know about BigCommerce pricing Huong Vu October 15, 2023

Everything you need to know about BigCommerce pricing


Since you are considering whether to leverage BigCommerce for your online shop, you will surely need to understand how much you have to spend on this store builder. While the research on this matter may take you some time, the good news is that this post is the ultimate guide for everything you need to know about BigCommerce pricing.

BigCommerce Pricing Plans

  • 29.95 USD/ month for the Standard plan 
  • 79.95 USD/ month for the Plus plan
  • 299.95 USD/ month for the Pro plan= 
  • A customer amount/ month for the Enterprise plan

BigCommerce’s least costly Standard plan comes with the smallest suite of features, whereas the most pricey Enterprise plan has a comprehensive set of features.

Which BigCommerce Pricing Plan Should You Use?

There are several elements to consider that can assist you in making a faster and more informed decision:

  • The number of sales you expect to get: Please remember that there are yearly sale volume limits for BigCommerce pricing. Should you predict your number of annual eCommerce sales to be below the limits, we recommend choosing the lowest plan in line with your sales expectation. For instance, let’s say your eCommerce business is not an established one and is projected not to make over 50,000 USD in your 1st year of business, your good bet is the Standard plan.
  • Your budget: Should you not have much budget, the least expensive BigCommerce pricing may be for you. Meanwhile, if your budget is larger, it is best to use a more pricey plan to unlock more cutting-edge features from this builder.
  • Your shop’s desirable features: Please remember to account for which plan comes with the attributes you need at the moment and think about using it. It is not a good move to choose a more expensive plan if you have its exclusive features unused.
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Additional BigCommerce Costs

There is something excluded in the BigCommerce pricing plan that you need to cover separately. These include:

For instance, regarding the BigCommerce theme store, your eCommerce store has various free and premium theme options. These are categorized depending on:

  • Price: Themes are filterable subject to whether they are paid or not.
  • Collections: Where several themes are intended for smaller catalogs, others are ideal for larger catalogs. It is okay to decide to view solely B2B or editorial themes.
  • Sector: Whether you are running businesses in the toy, fashion, art, or any other sector, see to it that you adjust the filters to discover a theme most suitable for your shop. 

In conclusion, we hope that the post gives you everything you need to know about BigCommerce pricing. But on the other hand, please remember that pricing is not the only matter you should think about when starting an eCommerce store. For other matters and solutions, you can call us to see what is the best fit for you.

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