eCommerce 2023: the big picture post pandemic Huong Vu October 13, 2023

eCommerce 2023: the big picture post pandemic

eCommerce 2023: the big picture post pandemic

Under the pressure of COVID-19, the eCommerce industry has grown strongly and has become a familiar shopping channel. This is also the solution for many businesses and companies during the difficult time of the pandemic. At present, when the pandemic has passed, this industry has also undergone significant changes. In this article, we want to provide information about the big picture post-pandemic – eCommerce 2023.

The influences of the pandemic on the eCommerce market

The pandemic has forced many small businesses to reevaluate decades-old traditional business models or faces permanent closures. Many pandemic-related business restrictions prevent face-to-face operations worldwide, so businesses have turned to eCommerce sales channels to stay afloat. Consumers accept social distancing and they turn to online shopping to meet consumer demand. Besides, the pandemic has not only caused retailers to switch to digital business, but it has also helped them embrace new technologies to create connections with shoppers or make their customer experience more convenient.

Overview of eCommerce 2023: big picture post-pandemic

Rapid eCommerce growth will deaccelerate

E-commerce has been significantly accelerated due to the mandatory blockade and quarantine orders imposed worldwide. Brick-and-mortar stores were closed, leaving consumers with no choice but to order online. However, orders are gradually being removed and brick-and-mortar stores have started serving customers again, reducing the rapid growth of eCommerce 2023. However, its decline is insignificant because consumers are used to the convenience of online shopping so they continue to do so. This is extremely important for merchants because it helps assess customer needs to avoid backlogs, especially during the holidays.

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Mobile shopping will continue to rise 

Mobile shopping is the main online shopping trend and eCommerce 2023 has continued to see strong growth. This comes with the help of technology as it becomes increasingly mobile-friendly. Shopping on mobile gives users a fast, clear, and reliable experience. This is an opportunity for businesses to maintain direct and ongoing contact with customers.

Change in purchasing power 

After the pandemic, people’s purchasing power was affected by the economy. The purchasing power of the vast majority of consumers declined in most areas around the world. This means that eCommerce businesses need to rethink their customer offering and ensure that the new message aligns with current market trends and preferences rather than reducing the selling price to attract customers. For example, most users are now more health-conscious, so a smart business move emphasizes alternative products or services’ lifestyle and health benefits rather than discounting them.

Personalization at scale 

Consumers have always valued personalization as important. But it becomes difficult to make even small changes when serving hundreds of thousands of customers. Fortunately, that is changing as new technologies for personalization at scale are feasible and financially viable. eCommerce 2022 saw the seamless service of merchants by taking advantage of the features of modern technology, such as data centralization, to store and analyze consumer information. From there, businesses can make suitable shopping suggestions.

Category-based demand

In addition to the change in consumer spending, there is a constant change in their tastes and preferences. The pandemic has created different buying habits and shopping trends have shifted towards healthcare products, preventive health products, or stocking food items. This motivates eCommerce houses to find mainstream business products that match user needs.

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eCommerce 2023 has drastically changed this fertile business market after the pandemic. This pushes retailers and businesses to change and find better support tools. Contact us to get the best assistance for your business.

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