5 Discount Strategies On Halloween ConnectPOS Content Creator October 8, 2023

5 Discount Strategies On Halloween

This October is the time for stores to race to create new discount strategies on Halloween. When it is an event not to be missed, many brands are trying to take advantage of this time to launch campaigns that stimulate customers to shop, increase sales or increase users’ awareness. 

If you are looking for marketing ideas for this year’s Halloween season, here are some suggestions that you can refer to your business.

Use Pre-Launch Discounts For First-Time Purchases

A pre-order discount is an incentive for customers to purchase retailers’ items before they are publicly available. It helps sellers capture more sales before the product is released. This type of discount makes shoppers aware of the forthcoming items and builds excitement from other potential customers.

For example, when customers first pre-order their Halloween decorations before the official launch, they have a chance to receive an extra basket of candy and a free mask. As a result, they will prefer to buy many offers in your store rather than in other stores.

Halloween Deals

As an elaborate costume like a witch or a werewolf is trendy, buying these items can get pricey quickly. Many people don’t want to spend more than $100 on Halloween costumes or struggle to find affordable clothing.

Therefore, you may offer low-priced outfits to attract many potential customers, increase sales, and clear out the merchandise that cannot sell at the total price. This discount strategy also both increases walk-in traffic to your physical stores and foot traffic to your websites.

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For instance, eye-catching costumes such as Superman, Spiderman, Princess Elsa, and fairies will be discounted 15% or free shipping when buying more than two sets.

Selling Low-Cost Decorations

For some shoppers, traditional Halloween decorating can be hauntingly expensive. However, customers who have a creative hobby wish to make their own Halloween decorations at home, and they may need low-cost embellishments like tape, scissors, and glitter that still allow them to provide for their needs.

You can make good use of these to promote decorative items at a low price. It both helps sell large quantities of supplies that are still in stock and increase revenue quickly.

Likewise, you may provide 10-20% discount codes for Halloween decorations such as scissors, knives, colored paper at the “Homemade Halloween” counter.

Create A Range Of Discount Prices On Both Online & Offline Platforms

By giving discounts on various platforms (online and offline), your business can reach a great number of consumers. This strategy also offers a diverse product assortment at different price points. Therefore, customers have more choices when shopping, which makes them feel like they are getting more value.

In a similar case, you can generate different discount codes for two types of buying platforms (namely 10% for website buyers and 15% for in-store shoppers), so customers can choose to purchase each platform suitable for them.

ConnectPOS is one of the leading POS solutions that integrate online and offline stores to help implement discount strategies on Halloween for your business.

Hold A Costume Pumpkin Contest

A costume pumpkin contest can additionally bring in customers from other towns or cities who have heard about it through word of mouth or social media. Those who may not have heard of your store will decide to drive out to see this new attraction.

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You can give an exclusive discount on pumpkin costumes with tags similar to “I’m not crazy about this pumpkin”. Then the 15% discount coupons will be sent to the email address associated with the customer’s order.


This post has compiled some impressive discount strategies on Halloween so your brand can find inspiration. Don’t forget to add “heart-pounding” elements to your marketing strategies and get amazing results. Connect with other explorers around the world through ConnectPOS for Halloween!

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