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Creative Ways To Use Second Screen In A POS System

POS second screen

A POS second screen is a digital screen that displays information about the items to your customers without interruption. Simply put, it is a screen that faces customers in the check-out line. Customers can view the taxation, discounts and order details using the second screen. This is why it is also known as the customer-facing display. This screen ensures you provide your customers with the best experience and enhance trust.

What do you use the POS second screen for?

Support ordering

The second screen supports order by giving the customers information on the product they want to buy. In this way, the process of ordering can be quicker and done with ease.

Show receipt

The second screen provides the customers with receipts, with information about tax applied to the products, as well as the total amount each product costs. The receipt also shows the cashiers’ name. This gives the customers a chance to get more details about the prices of the products and services.

Show order detail

The second screen can be used to show the details of every order the customer makes. This reduces the chances of making errors when ordering. It also assists the customers to order what is up to their budget.

Creative ways to use the second screen

Show promotions

Because customers love promotions and discounts, a second screen can show the promotions available in the store. Using a second screen, they can also see if they have qualified for discount rules. When customers have information about the promotions, they can be tempted to buy. 

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Moreover, if you want to promote a certain product, you can make it appear on the second screen so that it can attract more customers.

Showcase studies

The POS second screen can be used creatively to give a report of the case study of the business. In this case, the customers can know more about the types of customers of your company or what products your business often deals with. This can increase your company’s credibility in customers’ awareness.

Take feedback from customers

While using the second screen you can be able to get feedback about your business from customers. For example, you can set the screen to ask questions from customers and get their answers right away. This will help you to know what needs to be maintained or improved.

Show affiliate programs

You can use the POS second screen creatively by displaying the affiliate programs to the customers. Your business may partner with some other companies, so this is a suitable place to promote your partnership. Some affiliate programs may include discounts, so keep in mind to stress that on the screen, because customers are always attracted by a good bargain. This can create a win-win situation for the business and its customers.


POS second screen best practices can greatly improve the checkout experience for customers in any type of business. These ideas can be used simultaneously or separately, depending on the demands of your business.

ConnectPOS is a point-of-sale provider for any type of business, with options for a POS second screen. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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