ConnectPOS vs. Odoo: Which One Fits Your Store Huong Vu October 17, 2023

ConnectPOS vs. Odoo: Which One Fits Your Store

ConnectPOS vs. Odoo: Which One Fits Your Store

Odoo has gained popularity for its comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. However, one part of its ecosystem, point-of-sale software, is less well-known. This situation is understandable since dozens of other POS providers with advanced features can integrate with Odoo ERP. One of the most prominent names is ConnectPOS.

You may wonder, is it necessary to install an outsider while Odoo already has its native omnichannel solution? This article will provide an answer and compare Odoo POS with ConnectPOS so you can decide on the best option for your retail store. 

I. What you should know about the Odoo ecosystem

We bet retailers are no strangers to Odoo. Similar to other popular cloud-based solutions such as Zoho, SAP, or Salesforce, Odoo has built its reputation on a suite of open-source business apps, including almost all aspects of a business.

Here are highlighted apps within Odoo’s comprehensive ecosystem.

The entire package allows business owners to enjoy smooth operations without switching between multiple interfaces. Moreover, Odoo ensures seamless data synchronization between their apps, making it easier to manage and adapt based on circumstances.

Despite the benefits of having everything on one platform, users still seek alternatives or put their trust in third-party solutions. While Odoo’s apps are not incompetent, tailored systems are essential to specialized operations.

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For ambitious omnichannel companies, having a scalable POS system is the key to success. Odoo users can experience the Odoo point-of-sale app within the system. However, various other software options concentrate only on omnichannel workflows, such as ConnectPOS. 

II. A brief introduction to the POS systems for Odoo

Before comparing the two POS apps, we should know who they are.

The Odoo POS app is part of the Odoo package, serving both the retail and restaurant sectors. Covering fundamental omnichannel features, this POS provides users with a simple yet effective selling process. Furthermore, it works perfectly with other Odoo apps like inventory, sales, eCommerce, or email marketing.

Odoo’s selling screen

On the other hand, ConnectPOS is a cloud POS solution designed specifically for omnichannel businesses. With a decade of serving 10,000+ users, such as ASUS, SCG, or Eyewa, ConnectPOS guarantees a seamless journey for sellers and shoppers.

III. ConnectPOS vs. Odoo: How ConnectPOS is a better choice for omnichannel businesses

1. Essential features of a POS system

To ensure productivity in both online and offline stores, ConnectPOS and Odoo POS share several primary functions:

  • Hardware compatibility: Work with PC and tablets using Windows, iOS, and Android. Support basic POS hardware
  • Accept typical payment methods like cash and credit cards
  • Offline selling: Orders placed offline are synchronized when you reconnect online
  • Order history
  • Registers’ activities management and cash flows
  • Stock management: Manage stock in real-time across locations
  • Product categories and variants
  • Customers profile: Save and identify customers’ information
  • Split tenders: Pay one bill with separate methods
  • Loyalty and discounts
  • Barcode generator
  • Invoice sending
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ConnectPOS’s adjust inventory feature

2. Why choose ConnectPOS over Odoo

The biggest advantage of Odoo POS is that it’s ideal for retailers using the complete Odoo suite since it’s compatible with the ecosystem. In addition, for those working in the F&B industry, Odoo POS has useful functions for a restaurant, including floor plans, delayed orders, kitchen notes, and seating management.

However, Odoo POS has a fatal flaw: It can only show its full potential to those using Odoo. ConnectPOS proves its supremacy in serving a broader audience with tailored-made omnichannel-focused features. 

Multi-platform and multi-location POS solution

ConnectPOS integrates smoothly with multiple eCommerce platforms, such as Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce. On top of that, it also opens up the possibility of connecting to headless commerce platforms such as Commercetools and custom platforms developed by the business’ in-house team. 

ConnectPOS ensures real-time data synchronization with each integrated platform, including products, customers, orders, and inventory. Users can access this information for online stores, brick-and-mortar locations, and warehouses.

Personalization and customization

ConnectPOS and Odoo offer flexibility to customize their POS apps. Yet, as a global award-winning solution, ConnectPOS possesses immense power to personalize omnichannel workflows based on retailers’ preferences. 

Merchants will be satisfied with 50+ integrations covering various business aspects like CRM, accounting systems, loyalty programs, and payment gateways. Of course, ConnectPOS is compatible with Odoo and assures a direct connection to the famous ERP system. If you need other adjustments, contact ConnectPOS’ consulting team so they can evaluate and create suitable options for your requirements.

Some of ConnectPOS’s integrated payment gateways

Another plus point is ConnectPOS is now available as a native mobile app that can be downloaded from the Internet, providing easy and simple approaches when shopping from any sales channel, even in niche areas like firearms and CBD.

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Advanced online-to-offline functions

To further personalize the omnichannel journey, ConnectPOS has developed cutting-edge features beyond the basic functions:

  • Quotes management
  • Tax management
  • Orders fulfillment
  • In-app native inventory management system
  • Stocktake
  • Auto out-of-stock notification 
  • Users’ permission and hierarchy
  • 10+ necessary reports
  • Group pricing
  • Gift card and reward points
  • Store credit
  • Customizable invoice

And many other advanced features that can elevate your normal omnichannel operation.

ConnectPOS’s payment screen

Customer support and pricing

Both POS systems include free support in their pricing, yet ConnectPOS has always been highly recommended thanks to its enthusiastic support. 

There are also significant differences between their pricing plans. To meet the needs of SMEs and enterprises, ConnectPOS offers two types of packages. Starting at $39 per month per register, users can choose a suitable option for their current needs and experience a wide range of advanced omnichannel functions.

On the other hand, Odoo offers one app for free. Yet it could only function with other supporting apps in the Odoo ecosystem. Therefore, retailers usually choose paid plans to ensure a proper workflow with Odoo POS.

Odoo’s pricing plans

In short,

People love Odoo for its comprehensiveness, covering almost every business aspect, including multichannel selling. Nevertheless, process specialization enhances productivity and ensures future growth. For ambitious omnichannel companies, investing in a dynamic and scalable POS solution that can be integrated with Odoo is crucial. 

ConnectPOS can fill in the missing piece perfectly. With ten years of experience, ConnectPOS is a provider you can trust to begin your transformation. Contact the team today for a free demo and consultation!

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