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POS Review: ConnectPOS Vs. Heartland POS

ConnectPOS Vs. Heartland POS

For SME businesses, ConnectPOS vs Heartland POS are the two prominent candidates for POS systems. Both of these POS systems are powerful. Nonetheless, to find the most stable and accurate solution for business demand, let’s have a look at a comparison in the following article.

Overview ConnectPOS Vs Heartland POS

Both of these POS systems are cloud-based POS thereby retailers can access anywhere with an internet connection. 

Heartland POS is one of many products in Heartland POS Retail that bring end-to-end solutions to business. Developed by the retailers, they can easily fit the shoes and understand the worst in the omnichannel business. 

Opposite to that, ConnectPOS is a leading cloud POS software that supports a multi-eCommerce platform for omnichannel retail business. With more than 7 years working in that field, ConnectPOS has been trusted by thousands of customers across various industries and popular platforms


Heartland POS and ConnectPOS are fully compatible with both PC and mobile devices. 

When Heartland POS provides the Terminal+ feature to make the checkout process more mobility to cashiers and customers, ConnectPOS also has the Customer Screen which helps display all the information in the second screen to help customers better monitor their checkout process.

Pricing Plan

Heartland POS has a pricing plan that starts with $80 per month which is quite expensive when compared to ConnectPOS. ConnectPOS starts at $49 per month if you paid monthly and reduces to $39 per month if you paid annually. It can be seen that nearly two months of expense fees you pay to ConnectPOS monthly equal one month with Heartland POS. 

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At the beginning of the omnichannel business, ConnectPOS was a more reasonable price than Heartland POS. Compared to that price of $80 per month, in Heartland POS, you will get the basic starter plan to start your omnichannel business. 

But with ConnectPOS, you can get the Advanced Pricing plans which are $89 per month with various phenomenal features which we’d love to discuss in the next parts.

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Inventory Management System

These POS systems all support retailers’ inventory management to help retailers eliminate inventory shortages and prevent overbuying. 

Heartland POS system partners with nuORDER to gain inventory management for retailers. With that cooperation, retailers can easily: 

  • Optimizing inventory across all channels in real-time, reaching customers where and how they stop purchases also boost efficiency. 
  • Transfer transparency how much inventory is owned across stores and channels in real-time, ultimately increasing sell-through and margin. 

On the other hand, ConnectPOS have developed its MSI system, which is a Multi-Source Inventory system that helps retailers manage their inventory crosswind store and warehouse. 

The MSI system has all the components above from Heartland POS. More than that, thanks to these features below, inventory management is easier than ever: 

  • Purchase Order Management – The MSI system automatically generates purchase orders when stocks hit a fixed threshold. Retailers can easily keep track of the delivery process. 
  • Supplier Management – The multi-source inventory management system saves the suppliers’ information and lets you choose which vendors to contact.

Customer Touchpoint Experience 

Heartland POS and ConnectPOS provide Heartland Register and Customer Screen features to create a seamless shopping experience in the omnichannel business. 

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The difference is that ConnectPOS provides the POS combination of the wireless customer screen. More than displaying all information on the second screen with Customer Screen features, ConnectPOS also provides the PWA Customer App – the mobile app with various befitting customer features.

With the PWA Customer App, customers now more conveniently and happily when shopping through these actions below: 

  • Scan the barcode for product information. 
  • Order out-of-stock items. 
  • Personalized recommendation. 
  • Self-checkout in second 


eCommerce Platforms

ConnectPOS has a few advantages compared to Heartland POS in supporting popular multi-eCommerce platforms for retailers. 

Not only working well with BigCommerce, Shopify, and Magento like Heartland POS, but ConnectPOS also supported WooCommerce and CommerceTool platforms. 

If retailers want to migrate to another platform in those 5 eCommerce platforms, ConnectPOS is willing to support fully customizable fits and stability into its POS system. 

Payment Methods

Heartland POS provides its own Mobile Credit Cards Payments to help customers make a payment more quickly and accurately on their phone. 

On the other hand, ConnectPOS support various payment methods from cash to cards and popular secure payment methods providers worldwide such as: 

  • PayPal Here 
  • Payment Express 
  • Tyro 
  • Stripe 
  • Global Payments 

There are many payment providers that ConnectPOS support in their system, even if you have a request to integrate another different provider, they will handle it without a blink of an eye. 

Wrapping Up

To conclude, ConnectPOS is the most appropriate POS system at the most reasonable prices for retailers who want to start an omnichannel business. 

ConnectPOS provides 14-days free trials to help retailers verify their quality as well as those outstanding features in the omnichannel business. 

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If you want to know more about ConnectPOS, please get in touch with us!

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