5 Examples of Omnichannel Halloween Retail Campaigns ConnectPOS Content Creator October 2, 2023

5 Examples of Omnichannel Halloween Retail Campaigns

Halloween Retail Campaign

The most profitable season of thrills and chills arrives! Halloween is an ideal time for all merchants to connect with their customers more intimately. Many retail businesses decide to roll out spooky concepts to trick competitors and treat their customers. Here are the great Halloween retail campaigns in 2020 that can inspire you in the brand’s ads.

5 Best examples of Halloween campaigns for retailers 

Fashion Nova: Sexy and scary costumes 

The scary dress-up for this holiday is the best part of Fashion Nova. It’s all about clothing for women, men, kids, and pets with good pricing. All costumes from the website like sexy Halloween outfits prove to be successful sources of sales.

In this omnichannel campaign, the brand’s stories on Instagram, videos on Facebook, and collection of its costumes get followed by some one-liners such as “Too cute to spook” and “Boo’d up”. 

Lush: Halloweenesque products

Lush is another typical example of how a horror movie theme can go big across an omnichannel campaign. If you think of makeup as the lines of paint and glitter on the face, it’s right and more than that. This campaign switches between cute and chilling traits for Halloween. 

Lush also boosts it with emails that share the same scary sources of inspiration and overwhelm their customers with product notifications. To build such an engaging business online, you can run multiple channels with the help of a POS system. It’s a decent e-commerce platform allowing retailers to manage multiple touchpoints and apply modern technology.

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Kylie Cosmetics: Spooktacular cosmetics

Beauty and Halloween seem to match well with each other, so no wonder why the brand succeeds in creating something beautiful, spooky, and spectacular. By telling interesting stories on Instagram, Kylie Jenner can unveil the glittering collection of her brand, which has two eyeshadows, lip gloss, a highlighter, and an eyeshadow palette.

Better than ever, the shining star of this collection is the 3D packaging in which each order online would come up with a pair of 3D glasses.

Marmite: A treat for the lovers, a trick for the haters

Get the spook on with Marmite’s Halloween jars this time! These are the limited editions released by the brand for a short time. There are two versions available to order: “Trick to petrify a Marmite hater” and “Treat to spoil a Marmite lover.” Several fans love to get these customized items as a gift to another Marmite fan or have it as their own.

After getting them, a lot of customers can’t resist sharing their jars on social media. Why do you wait for nightfall to begin celebrating this Halloween, especially when you’ve got these Halloween gift jars? This campaign also helps boost sales and generate both online and offline conversations.

Fanta: Frightening Fantasy

One of the most striking Halloween campaigns of Fanta is none other than “Frightening Fantasy”. The brand sets up a 360-degree VR experience in which you use an elevator to head to the 13th floor. More surprisingly, this unexpected ride gets filled up with various spooky visuals and sudden surprises, ranging from puppets to weird monsters. 

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Fanta also complements this campaign by releasing limited editions of Fanta drinks. Their packaging owns QR codes that enable you to use many “scary” Snapchat filters. The experience witnessed a 30% uplift in online ads engagement and sales rise by 14.5% year on year.


While the revolution of omnichannel retail still bears some challenges, it creates more opportunities for businesses to boost customer engagement. With these Halloween campaigns, you get to optimize transaction processing costs and use new services across various points of interaction. Come to drop a line to us for more innovative and successful Omnichannel campaigns for holidays!

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