Compare Magento hosting: Which is the best for your store? Huong Vu October 13, 2023

Compare Magento hosting: Which is the best for your store?

Compare Magento hosting: Which is the best for your store?

Businesses today are looking for an eCommerce hosting plan that is compatible with Magento. Because this is the most commonly used platform today. But businesses will face the problem of not knowing which supplier is the best and which one is the best fit for the business. In this article, we would like to compare Magento hosting to help businesses choose a suitable provider.

Overview of Magento hosting

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform widely known for its flexible shopping cart system and easy controls. When it comes to Magento hosting in particular, the most important factors for an eCommerce store are security, value for money, and ease of setup.

Compare Magento hosting: Which is the best for your store?


HostGator is a highly rated provider in hosting overall and it earns the number one spot exclusively for Magento hosting. They offer extensive features, both related to security and other features. In particular, HostGator’s Magento hosting service on shared, enterprise, reseller, and cloud plans is always compatible with version 2.0.

HostGator offers hosting with prices starting at $2.75/month. However, businesses may be interested in VPS (Virtual Private Server) plans, as most e-commerce stores will benefit from the added power and security of VPS.


InMotion is a standout vendor thanks to its highly trained support team and ample drive capacity. With InMotion, businesses can install Magento for free manually. It also offers shared hosting, which is suitable for personal and small business websites. If your business needs more than basic shared hosting, there are plenty of other options. For example, InMotion’s managed VPS hosting comes with server management and automatic security updates. InMotion’s dedicated hosting comes with multi-layered security and the business’s own launch assistant to help get things started.

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Businesses can try this provider for $2.29/month, which is a discounted rate available only to those who commit to a three-year plan. Or businesses can choose to pay for an annual plan for $4.99/month.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting has been a longstanding provider of hosting Magento websites. With this provider, Magento software will be pre-installed on shared hosting accounts for businesses. Along with that, internal security features, as well as an any-time money-back guarantee, are strongly applied.

A2 Hosting offers six different types of hosting including Shared, WordPress, VPS, Cloud, Dedicated, and Reseller. Pricing starts with basic hosting at $2.99/month or $4.99/month. For Dedicated and Reseller hosting, business users will have to pay a higher price.


SiteGround offers great customer service, security, and WordPress support on its hosting plans. This provider also allows automatic and free Magento installation. While SiteGround’s Magento hosting prices are not the cheapest, this provider earns the title of most affordable because of its consistently low prices combined with its reliable features.

SiteGround offers Magento hosting with Startup plans to start at $6.99/month; GrowBig from $9.99/month and GoGeek starting at $14.99/month.


GoDaddy hosting has a wide range of features that make it great value for money. This provider also offers Magento hosting on Shared, Business, and VPS (Virtual Private Server) plans. GoDaddy acts as a single middle ground between shared hosting and VPS, combining the power of VPS with the simplicity of a shared server.

GoDaddy has four business plans, all of which come with unlimited traffic and unlimited websites. Your business can try the Business package for prices from $19.99/month.

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The above Magento hosting comparison will partly help your business choose a suitable provider that meets your business requirements. If you need assistance connecting to Magento, contact us.

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