BigCommerce vs Wix: Which one you should choose? Steven P February 8, 2023
BigCommerce vs Wix: Which one you should choose?
BigCommerce vs Wix: Which one you should choose?

To start an online business, choosing a platform and building a website are the first basic steps that users need to take. Choosing the right website builder for the online store is a big decision as each offers different features and benefits for the organization to take advantage of. In this article we would like to introduce and compare two platforms – BigCommerce vs Wix to help businesses choose the most suitable one.

Overview of BigCommerce vs Wix

BigCommerce vs Wix: Which one you should choose?

BigCommerce is an outstanding hosted eCommerce platform that provides everything businesses need to create an online store. You just need to sign up to start personalizing your eCommerce store and monetizing it right away. Not only is this a website builder, but it also comes with some great store management capabilities that help you stay on top of your business.

Wix is ​​also a popular cloud-based landing page solution that helps users create and manage websites. This solution offers a variety of templates with video backgrounds, fonts, and animations allowing users to customize the site with their own logo and branding. With this system, users can display images, videos, and text in a gallery layout and add zooming in or out scrolling effects. Wix provides an Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) module for creating personalized web pages with text and images.

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BigCommerce vs Wix: Which one you should choose?

BigCommerce vs Wix: Which one you should choose?


There are a few distinct differences when comparing BigCommerce vs Wix.

In terms of speed and ease of use, Wix has the upper hand over BigCommerce. This is a huge time saver as businesses can simply choose a template and then edit it as you see fit. The editor is especially easy to use as it effectively edits the web page in real-time by dragging and dropping text, images and features where desired and this will be verified exactly in the live site. However, these features of BigCommerce seem to be more complicated for beginners.

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Meanwhile, when it comes to e-commerce features, BigCommerce has the upper hand. The platform contains nearly all the sales and marketing features a business website needs. This can be a huge time and money saver as users don’t need to spend a lot of time trying to find additional features for the app store. The core features that BigCommerce will offer are integration with retail platforms like Amazon, eBay and Google to reach more potential customers, track inventory and warranty information, install and distribute abandoned cart recovery and many other great features.

Which one you should choose?

To choose between BigCommerce vs Wix, business users need to weigh in ovn the features and pricing of each platform.

Bigcommerce is best suited for enterprises that are growing fast and want to operate at scale. This platform offers impressive e-commerce features. However, Wix is ​​more affordable and simpler to use than BigCommerce. Available eCommerce plans are more affordable and are a friendly environment for application integration. If you are a small company, startup, or independent trader starting from scratch, then Wix is ​​the obvious choice.

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BigCommerce vs Wix: Which one you should choose?

On the other hand, BigCommerce is a more serious eCommerce website aimed at small and medium-sized companies. BigCommerce, while good for beginners, sometimes requires some tech support and can be daunting for first-time users. This platform is worth the extra investment if you want to expand your store.

Therefore, business users should take this into consideration carefully to choose a platform that suits their needs and budget.


There are many similarities and differences between BigCommerce vs Wix that are suitable for each business user’s unique needs. Choosing a suitable platform will help the organization develop the best. Contact us if you need a connection with these two platforms.

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