Best Free Payment Gateway Options for startup business Huong Vu October 9, 2023

Best Free Payment Gateway Options for startup business

Best Free Payment Gateway Options for startup business

Payment gateway is a familiar term in the eCommerce market in particular and the retail market in general. Payment gateways or electronic payment gateways, online payment intermediary gateways are common to consumers when online shopping and payment become popular. A payment gateway is simply a system connecting three parties: the buyer, the banking system, and the seller. This is a place that provides payment intermediary services for online purchases and sales on various digital platforms. In today’s market, among this series of service providers, there are many options for businesses, especially startups. In this article, we would like to introduce the best free payment gateway options for startup businesses.

Overview of Payment Gateway

The payment gateway is provided by PSP (Payment Service Provider). The units and owners of eCommerce and websites, instead of having to maintain connections with banks, now only need to use the services that these PSPs provide. PSP will handle a variety of payment methods that customers use. They also take care of connecting and accepting payments through banks and the means that customers use.

There are two common types of payment gateways: online payment gateways and in-store payment gateways. While an in-store payment gateway is usually a POS (point of sale) device connected to an electronic payment processing network by a phone line or an Internet connection, an online payment gateway will require an application programming interface (API) that enables the website to be visited to connect to the underlying payment processing network.

Best Free Payment Gateway Options for Startup Businesses


Payoneer is a great free payment gateway when it comes to bulk payments to customers around the world. The company prides itself on a 360° solution that allows users to expand into new geographies and grow their businesses. This 360° solution covers working capital that helps shoppers pay early, prevent fraud, send payments worldwide, automate tax forms, and integrate payment APIs. This payment gateway is suitable for startups, operates in more than 200 countries, and allows businesses to accept about 150 currencies. The company does not charge any fees when opening a Payoneer account but charges up to 3% when receiving payments. It also gives the store the option to automatically transfer money to a bank account at a competitive rate. The payment system with Payoneer will be personalized to enhance the customer experience.

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2Checkout is a free payment gateway for startups. This is the leading global payment gateway in Asia and the United States with the ability to handle up to hundreds of currencies and dozens of different localized languages. Besides, the gateway also helps users to pay at the website without having to open another website. The system not only allows payment by the electronic portal, but users can also pay by payment card in case they have not yet registered for an account. 2Checkout has outstanding features and features suitable for new users. It provides an AI (Artificial Intelligence) feature that helps to limit commercial fraud when trading. In addition, users will have a full data management system based on customer information provided during the purchase process. This is also one of the top choices of major eCommerce sites in the world such as Shopify, Selz, Sparkpay, Bigcommerce, Magento, and Woocommerce. This is very suitable for startups if they want to scale their business.

The free payment gateway can be applied to eCommerce models such as digital goods, trial software, and business registration through retail stores and distributors. Moreover, with smart settlement and currency conversion capabilities, this system helps users to be flexible in deciding the form of payment. It has two popular options: an archived cart that gives shoppers separate tools that can be tailored to their needs and goals, and an inline cart that allows customers to pay directly on the website. In particular, customers can even use mobile devices to perform.

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Not only that, the API (Application Programming Interface) technology platform also allows this portal to connect with third-party business tools as well as the world’s leading shopping cart platforms to help customers choose and store their products in electronic baskets.

This solution enables startups to accept payments online as well as on mobile platforms in 87 currencies and over 200 global markets. They can also customize their checkout pages with their branding and also give users a better mobile-friendly experience. The transaction fee on this portal is 2.9% plus US$0.3, but this fee varies according to the country the user is active in and receiving payments from. Pricing can also vary depending on the user’s industry and business model. is considered an extremely safe and reputable free payment gateway. It has been operating for more than 20 years and it is also the most popular international payment gateway used globally. Currently, the platform is the choice of more than 450,000 international sellers. This payment gateway accepts credit card and e-check payments. However, when using, users will have to pay fees such as an account start-up fee of $49 and a monthly account maintenance fee of $29. The payment solution comes with tools for startups to accept payments easily and efficiently anywhere such as in storefronts, online, or through multiple mobile devices securely and confidently. The provider also has an impressive support team on hand to assist users with almost anything related to payments. Plus, it also offers other services like automatic recurring payments, advanced (and customizable) fraud detection security settings, recurring billing options, and single billing options. It also syncs with Quickbooks.

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ConnectPOS is a leading point of sale (POS) system that connects to the best free payment gateways. This system, in addition, provides necessary administrative features for startups such as order management, inventory management, customers, and optimization of the payment process. This solution supports multi-channel businesses thanks to its powerful centralized data feature. Consumers can make a variety of payment methods such as cash, credit card, or debit card, and pay on gateways or e-wallets. Moreover, buyers can pay in advance and receive goods later or buy now and pay later depending on their needs.


Choosing a suitable free payment gateway will bring a lot of support to startups because payment is a complicated process and requires investment. Contact us if you need assistance with the best payment gateways available today.

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