Bake into WooCommerce POS for a seamless restaurant Huong Vu October 14, 2023

Bake into WooCommerce POS for a seamless restaurant

Bake into WooCommerce POS for a seamless restaurant

The WooCommerce point of sale system factors into your restaurant’s success. While a table layout is not crucial if you run a small coffee shop, the ability to keep tabs on ingredients and online purchases is usually what restaurant operators want. Let’s check out things you should know to operate a seamless Woocommerce POS restaurant.

Some of the best WooCommerce POS restaurant features for your ideal business

  • Update data in real-time: Your POS system should ensure continuous data updates about items, customers, and stocks. 
  • Work without the Internet: It will be best if the point of sale software runs as normal even without an internet connection.
  • Be diverse with payment methods: Your chosen solution should support multiple payment methods, for example, cards and cash.
  • Create custom sales: It needs to let you create custom sales for items not yet accessible in offline stores.
  • Enable multi-store management: A great Woocommerce POS restaurant often means that its POS is capable of managing many locations.
  • Empower loyalty programs: The loyalty settings are advisably synchronized from the backend and backed up by integrations.

Best WooCommerce Restaurant POS systems


This solution provides integrated filters and advanced options for Woocommerce POS restaurant operators. It is fast to integrate your entire essential data into an intuitive unified dashboard. Feel free to look into the information from both your online and offline stores in a single place. 

With ConnectPOS, you can swiftly switch between stores in the options panel and concurrently check and transfer each shop’s stocks. Elements like stocks, tax data, customers, purchases, and goods are seamlessly synchronized in real time across your in-person and online stores. 

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ShopKeep is a trusted platform that offers comprehensive point-of-sale solutions, including payment processing, hardware, and software. It is intuitive and at the same time provides powerful backend business management functionalities to assist dining establishments in working seamlessly. 

Any restaurant using ShopKeep will like its compatibility with Clover and iPad terminals. But please note that it does not work on Android. Should you already own proper hardware, purchasing ShopKeep’s bundles is unnecessary. The system can keep working even without an internet connection. Making payments offline is alright yet on Clover devices only.


To bake into WooCommerce POS for a seamless Woocommerce POS restaurant, you may want to consider Lightspeed Restaurant. Its suite of features makes it suitable for dining businesses that are looking for a single solution to take care of the entire shop floor activities. 

While it is relatively convenient, it may take you longer to set up items and HR rights than other point-of-sale solutions. The reason is that it has more options and not many in-app explanations. But on the other hand, when you have a better idea of it, you can use the software with more ease. 

In conclusion, to bake into WooCommerce POS for a seamless Woocommerce POS restaurant, you should consider the above options. They are some of the most popular choices today. For more information and support, contact us now!

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