A win-win situation comes from the right return process. So where to start? Steven P August 16, 2022
A win-win situation comes from the right return process. So where to start?

Returns are confusing and easily go to the wrong place without a clear process. In this article, we want to provide the necessary information about the return process to help businesses and customers achieve a win-win situation.

What is the return process?

The return process is an essential process in retail and e-commerce, starting with the customer wanting to return a product and ending with the business collecting, organizing, and stocking the product. By having a clear return process, businesses can significantly cut losses and gain customer loyalty.

A win-win situation comes from the right return process. So where to start?

This process goes beyond final delivery and is not used for every customer order. Returns management is a part of customer support, logistics, and inventory management.

How to optimize the return process?

To optimize the return process, create a clear return policy. Imagine that you are a customer who returns a product at a store, but return policies are troublesome and you certainly don’t want to do this and don’t even want to have future purchases. Therefore, a clear policy is the best method for quick and optimal returns.

Another important issue that businesses need to keep an eye on is the need to have backups in order to handle returns without receipts. Accepting returns without receipts leads to a better customer experience and encourages them to stay with your brand instead of switching to a competitor.

For the process to be complete, tracking returns is an essential requirement of retail operations and an important data point for retailers. Tracking data about product returns in-store will help retailers identify potential problems in their business.

Getting the win-win situation from the right return process

Verify product returns request

To start the return process, the customer will email or bring the item to the store and issue a return request along with accompanying information about the product such as the date of purchase, the reason for the return. Salespeople need to verify this claim, they need to verify all of the information to make sure it’s suitable for a return and pay special attention to the purchase receipt. However, customers can request a return without a receipt, they will have to show proof such as a bank statement or confirmation email. If the customer is eligible for a return, the salesperson will confirm the return request in the system.

Create a return request

After confirming the return request from the customer, the store staff needs to create a return request in the system. This should be done through basic steps such as scanning customer receipts; entering the ID or order number; Searching for the order and then initiating the return process.

However, if the customer doesn’t have a receipt or can’t find the order in the system, the staff will have to initiate a return request unrelated to any order and this is up to the discretion of the regulations of each enterprise.

Process payment & complete return

A win-win situation comes from the right return process. So where to start?

After the request is accepted, the staff will proceed to refund the payment to the customer. Today, many refund methods are depending on customer needs. You can choose to return with the original payment method or a cash refund. In addition, businesses can give customers the option of refunding with points accumulated in the customer program or refunding with promotional vouchers or similar products. All this will help customers be satisfied and increase the long-term rate with the business.

Complete product returns

After completing the corresponding payment or returning to the customer, the staff should record important information about the return. This will make the retailer’s return processes smoother. In addition, businesses will also create a standardized process to reduce possible risks in this process.


A clear return process will bring many benefits to the business. Contact us if you need assistance with managing your orders to facilitate the returned check.

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