A sweet treat on how to open an ice cream shop – 101 guide Huong Vu October 16, 2023

A sweet treat on how to open an ice cream shop – 101 guide

A sweet treat on how to open an ice cream shop - 101 guide

Ice cream is among the most popular treats and is loved by many. Therefore, more and more retailers are eager to enter this market and open unique ice cream shops to attract customers. In this article, we would like to provide details about how to open ice cream shop to help you get started. 

Essential factors for how to open ice cream shop


The first thing you need to ask yourself about how to open ice cream shop is what you understand about your product – ice cream. Ice cream is a flavored product that is loved by many on hot days; it is a product with consistency. This is a product with a reasonably large market share, so there is huge competition. You need to understand the product, know about the ice cream making process and choose good products to compete with other brands.


Seasonality always accompanies the ice cream industry. Selling ice cream is something you can only make money for five or six months of the year but have to pay rent all year round. You need to be aware of the ability to quickly and efficiently expand your business in the summer to help save money and run lean and efficiently in the winter.

Cost and Location

The cost and location of opening an ice cream shop are also factors to consider. To open a store, you need to pay attention to the cost of products, labor, supplies and other costs incurred monthly or quarterly for the store. Therefore, choosing a business location to help customers regularly visit in order to generate more profits for paying expenses is also an important factor. Today’s ice cream shops often choose shops where tourism or busy roads to start their business.

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A sweet treat on how to open ice cream shop – 101 guide

Researching the Business

To start any business, you need to set goals and plan your business. So how to open an ice cream shop? You also need to set your business goals in terms of the size and model of the business. Then research the market, especially the business competitors and it is important to have a detailed and complete business plan to follow. These plans will also be the problems set out to prevent risky situations from happening to your business or store.

Planning the Business

An important step in doing business is obtaining legal permission from the government. Therefore, you need to apply for the relevant permits and documents. The legal requirements required for a license will depend on the city or state you plan to do business. Therefore, you need to research carefully or ask the authorities about this, they will provide you with accurate information. You can also consult a business attorney for help.

Once you have the documents, proceed to design the store in the style you want. Make sure an ice cream shop has bright colors, or you can choose themes that match the style you’re aiming for. If unique and suitable for tastes, it will be an advantage for the store.

Getting Started

Start opening and apply preferential policies or promotions that will help customers find your ice cream shop faster and from there, you can attract more customers. Please note the selection of appropriate and attractive promotions.

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To fully understand how to open ice cream shop, it is necessary to learn a lot of information and go through many steps. If you are starting your ice cream shop and having difficulty, feel free to contact us.

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