A handy popup shop essentials checklist Lana D July 29, 2022
A handy popup shop essentials checklist

Do you plan on opening a popup shop, an increasingly popular type of store these days? Then, the first and foremost thing to prepare is popup shop essentials. Check out the checklist below.

What is a handy popup shop?

A handy popup shop is a retail space that is around for a fixed time and is often leveraged to increase awareness for a product or service, test a market, or introduce a new product. It is usually in locations with high foot traffic, for example, malls.

A handy popup shop essentials checklist


This type of store is usually less sizable and displays your best products. Let’s say you intend to sell outfits there. Then, hangers are ideal for showcasing your items – every part of the clothing – for the shoppers to have a good look. It also allows you to save plenty of table space.

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Detachable Rolling Rack

A detachable rolling rack is one of the popup shop essentials that are foldable, not heavy, and effortlessly moved. It is simple and fast to set them up and adjust them to various heights. Besides, they have wheels, allowing you to fill up the racks in your vehicle and move your products to your store.

Jewelry Displays

These displays let you showcase your jewelry products easily. Your shoppers can check the items from a distance and have a better idea of what they look like. Plus, such displays provide your items with a shape at once, creating interest right away. 

Popup Shop Essentials: Merchandise Tags

Items without pricing and whatnot tend to frustrate shoppers, so significantly, you put tags on your goods. Thanks to merchandise tags, your customers can check the product information, including price and size. They can browse seamlessly and reach out to you with inquiries about the item itself.

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Bags & Tissue

Following the buy, customers need something to put it in. You can use paper bags for that purpose. It is simple to stamp them with your brand’s name, enabling others to see your brand whilst your customers visit other stores. Also, should others ask them where they bought such cool things, they can quickly spread the word about your shop. What is more? You can have paper bags designed with appealing colors to attract attention.

Unique Signage

Should you geunuinely desire to draw potential customers’ attention, you cannot go wrong with a unique sign known as one of the popup shop essentials. We suggest you hang blackboard signs for effortless transportation between locations and easy customization to your demands. For example, use it to advertise your sales and items you serve at your shop location. And just erase them and reinvent new ones when you come to the next location. It is alright to unlock your creativity, including several special designs.

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In conclusion, we hope that this handy popup shop essentials checklist is helpful to you. Please do not forget to reach out to us for the support and the solutions you need to operate a successful popup shop. 

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