10+ restaurants concepts you must know before enter the F&B industry Lana D February 24, 2022
10+ restaurants concepts you must know before enter the F&B industry
10+ restaurants concepts you must know before enter the F&B industry

Do you intend to run a food-service company? Then, one of the most significant things to do is select your restaurant concepts. These have to do with every decision you reach, for example, where your business is located. Here, we compile a list of 10+ restaurant concepts you must know.

10+ restaurant concepts you must know before entering the F&B industry

Fast Casual

These dining businesses serve those finding a choice that is quite fast yet healthy compared to fast food. The dishes also have a lower price than casual dining places. 

Fast Food

This is the most popular kind of restaurant out there. That is on account of KFC, Burger King, as well as other franchise chains. This business pays more attention to speed. Speaking of ingredients, they tend to be preheated ones or something. After that, the food gets delivered.

Food Truck Restaurant concepts

It is a one-of-a-kind restaurant concept today. Fast trucks often focus on one kind of food, for example, sandwiches. And they serve a specific menu centering on those items.


The casual restaurants share something in common. These include table service, pricing at the middle range, and unique decoration (usually depending on the dish type offered)

Family Style

It is just about the same as the casual one. But there is one element that differentiates itself. That is, the dishes in big amounts get delivered by servers and after that, diners dish the meals themselves and move it to other customers at the table.

Fine Dining restaurant concepts

It provides customers with a top-notch eating experience. These restaurants usually serve more exotic dishes and some courses. This model offers a classy and elegant atmosphere and vibe. 


These restaurants have some common characteristics. They include a slow atmosphere, outdoor seating, as well as repeat customers’ loyalty. 

Buffet Restaurant concepts

It is the family-style model’s variant. Here, dinners pay a fixed cost and serve themselves. Some well-known buffets are breakfast dishes, Chinese food, pizza, etc. 

Ghost Restaurant

These restaurant concepts refer to the online-only dining businesses. It serves diners via online orders, phone orders, or these two combined.

Coffee House

Starbucks is a typical example of it. Many coffee houses give limited choices of cold dishes, casual atmosphere, counter service and pay attention to hot beverages.

Popup concept

These restaurants refer to events intended for showcasing the business’ culinary talents at a location. For example, there are rooftop food tents open for some months. Another example is Saved By The Max.

ConnectPOS is crucial for every restaurant concept

Whichever concept you select, you will need a POS system, preferably from ConnectPOS. For over 80% of operators of dining places, a point of sale solution is the key technology, followed by credit card processors. A lot of restaurants have chosen ConnectPOS to integrate with their business. One of the main reasons is this system is impressive as the trusted cloud-based POS software.

Above are 10+ restaurant concepts you must know. For more information about ConnectPOS or the essence of these restaurant concepts, contact us

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