7+ Eggs-traordinary Easter statistics that may surprise you Lana D April 7, 2022
7+ Eggs-traordinary Easter statistics that may surprise you
Easter statistics

Easter is among the most profitable holidays of the year. In this post, we will show you some significant Easter statistics to assist you in developing a more profitable business strategy during this holiday.

Estimated average spending on gifts and celebrations

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The yearly report made by the NRF shows that shoppers intend to spend over $169 on average in 2022 on items connected with this holiday. An entirety of 80% of people in the US will celebrate Easter and spend over $20 billion in total.

Consumers show a willingness of spending money for this Easter

They cannot wait to get back to their pre-Covid holiday traditions, especially since it has to do with buying presents and food for in-person celebrations. Family and buddies wish to be together. Therefore, according to Easter statistics, shoppers show a willingness to spend money so that the holiday becomes memorable.  

Outfits, presents and food are the largest growth drivers

Over 50% of consumers want to have in-person celebrations. So, food will take the biggest spending category. According to NRF, the average spend of shoppers is almost $54 on food. The second place belongs to presents with the spending of over $28. About $28 is on outfits.

Over 40% of consumers will shop at a retailer offering a better price

According to Easter statistics, due to inflation concerns, shoppers are finding the best value for their money when they shop. In case the price of an item connected with this holiday is higher than they expect, over 40% of shoppers said that they will find it at another retail business. Over 30% will search for an alternative such as another color. 

Virtual holiday plans have decreased

These plans have been reduced considerably since the start of Covid-19. Only about 12% intend to pay a virtual visit to their buddies and family. In addition, NRF predicts virtual church service attendance to be lower, too. There will only be about 11% intending to attend by video or phone.

Even people not celebrating this holiday still intend to spend 

Easter statistics show that even people who do not plan to celebrate this holiday intend to spend over $18 on average per person. This emphasizes the broad economic reach of the big holiday.

The number of orders by email in March-April of 2020 and 2021

The number reported by Omnisend points out that while Easter shopping tends to occur on Good Friday, a lot of shoppers make orders all over the month.

SMS marketing increases 

SMS marketing has increased considerably in 2020 & 2021. Therefore, you should take the chance to go mobile this Easter. According to Omnisend, customers keep making more orders from this platform. So, it is fantastic that you integrate SMS into your campaigns related to email marketing to boost sales.

In conclusion, with the Easter statistics, you can create the right strategy for this famous holiday more easily. And in case you are finding a powerful tool for your successful strategy, contact ConnectPOS for help. 

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