Top 5 POS system to support hotel operation ConnectPOS Content Creator October 15, 2023

Top 5 POS system to support hotel operation

POS for hotel

Newly vaccinated people are now eager to visit hotels, restaurants, etc. A POS for hotel can make it simpler for your business to operate seamlessly. Continue reading to find out more about the top 5 POS systems to support hotel operations this year.

POS for hotel from ConnectPOS

ConnectPOS is known as a leading cloud point of sale system. This popular point-of-sale software is indeed considered a second-to-none POS out there when it comes to reliability. It is a favorable choice thanks to its various attributes and cutting-edge technology. These ensure an effective omnichannel service experience. 

This POS for hotel can cater to the different demands and requirements of any hotel of any size. For example, it enables transactions at not only online but also offline locations. That is why you can expect simple and automatic transactions. ConnectPOS also provides real-time synchronization. It likewise has the PWA Consumer App. Above all, the software can work with many devices such as mobiles and PCs. Its compatibility with Android and iOS is also no joke. 


This is another good POS for hotel. Lightspeed particularly promotes that its point of sale functions smoothly for restaurants positioned in a hotel.

This software comes with tabs that enable you to keep an eye on guest charges related to room service, hotel bar, and so on. Also, thanks to its Self Order Menu, your hotel’s guests do not have to leave their room to place orders. 

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Square POS

This is another popular point of sale system. Square is great regarding payment processing. It provides many business management attributes to suit various businesses, for example, hotels.

Some hotel POS attributes that this system gives are online appointment booking, HR scheduling, and HR reporting. It also enables QR payments, online ordering, and customized floor plans.


TouchBistro is an exceptional choice for hotel businesses, providing a comprehensive range of features catering to their needs. With every plan, TouchBistro offers QR code menus, simplifying the dining experience for guests, along with robust HR management tools to streamline staff operations. Moreover, the platform seamlessly integrates with various applications to enhance overall efficiency. For those seeking additional functionalities, TouchBistro provides a variety of month-to-month add-ons, including reservations, self-service kiosks, loyalty programs, online ordering, and gift card options. This versatility empowers hotel businesses to tailor their POS system to suit their unique requirements, delivering a seamless and convenient experience to staff and guests while maintaining the high standards expected in the hospitality industry.

Revel POS for hotel

It is a modern iPad point-of-sale solution possibly customized to suit almost any business, including a hotel. In the setup process, this system will customize the point of sale for your particular business demands. Aside from its great customizability, you may be fond of a few other fantastic features. For example, it has an offline mode that allows your hotel POS to keep running even without an internet connection. It also enables HR scheduling, guess display, CRM, online appointment bookings, and so on. Above all, Revel has continuous feature enhancements.

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In conclusion, above is the list of top 5 best options for POS for hotel that greatly supports hotel operations. In case you are wondering what to choose among them, you may want to consider ConnectPOS, as it fits any system you are currently running in your hotel. Call us for more information as well as support.

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