5 out-of-the-box ideas to engrave your product release event to customers’ mind Quinn T. March 9, 2022
5 out-of-the-box ideas to engrave your product release event to customers’ mind

For a brand or a business store, product release events are an important factor to help them promote and bring new products to market more easily. In addition, this event, if it has great resonance, will help the business or brand become famous and do better business.

In this article, we would like to introduce about 5 out-of-box ideas to engrave your product release event into the customers’ minds. 

What is a product release event? 

A product release event refers to an occasion when a company brings its new product or service to advertise. An effective event begins well before the genuine release date and the impacts will be felt long a while later. It will construct expectations, encourage a starting deluge of deals, and build up a force that a company can grow upon at that point.

One of the most excellent ways to launch a new product is through an event, and some of the biggest companies in the world have been doing it for a long time. These product release ideas and client conference tips will support if your company has an astonishing occasion. Some are conventional product release events. Others are client conferences with a product launch component. But each has been amazingly fruitful and there’s a parcel to be learned. 

5 out-of-box ideas to engrave your product release event

Promotion gifts

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Promotional gifts can be gifts when you organize games or small activities and invite people in or out of the event to participate in that activity. You will give them a promotional gift to help them feel interested and more impressed by your product release event.

Event giveaways

Event giveaways will be given to participants when they join your product release event. This giveaway should be related to the product or service you’re launching so customers can get an impression of your product.

Personalize the attendee experience

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Personalizing the attendee’s experience helps them feel how much they appreciate your brand. When organizing this type of event, user engagement is key to success. Personalizing their experience will help them love and remember your brand longer.

Create a branded hashtag

Product release is a big and important event, how can your business or brand successfully develop this event? One of the keys to its success is its strategic use of social media.

To make the event go viral on social media, event organizers used hashtags to create a massive collection of user-generated content and comments (UGC). This will help your event go viral if everyone attending the event is encouraged to use it. To make your product release event stand out, give your business an interesting and engaging hashtag to imprint on users’ minds.

Provide a hands-on experience

A hands-on experience is the experience of event attendees with your company’s software or products. Event attendees can learn from experts and improve their skills during this event. This not only provides event attendees with information about your products but also helps new users love and recommend your products to more people. Put your newly launched product in the hands of users and let them test it out. They will love it.


To organize a product release event for your business or brand, you need to consider many factors and prepare carefully to make sure that event is successful and engraved in customers’ minds. Contact us for more detailed information!

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