5 ideal software solutions for your supermarket Lana D April 27, 2022
5 ideal software solutions for your supermarket
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Supermarket software helps increase productivity as well as decrease stock loss as a result of expiry and overstocking. Below, we have put together a list of top 5 ideal software solutions for your supermarket.


ConnectPOS is one of the most well-known POS solution providers. It delivers intuitive features as well as precise calculations. With its omnichannel functionalities, ConnectPOS has become popular for providing a seamless omnichannel journey.

Some main features:

  • Have stock inventory: Therefore, you can verify the inventory in every location. Also, you can get a real-time synchronization of data from the digital store to prevent selling stockouts.
  • Support barcode scanning: For example, it does a good job of assigning existing barcodes to goods. Also, it is capable of scanning barcodes to add products to the basket of your shopper. 
  • Have functional application of product organization: You can find goods effortlessly by barcodes, SKUs, names, or colors. Also, you can change fast between the list and grid view mode. This is very helpful with supermarket software.
  • Support facial AI recognition: When customers come to the supermarket, AI technology enables staff to recognize their data and buying history. So, your staff can give a suitable recommendation to shoppers. 
  • Have a great customer application: This app gives consumer products and promotions notifications. With it, your shoppers have the option to do self-checkout instead of waiting in a long queue.


This supermarket software has a good arrangement of attributes. These attributes help you take care of your supermarket smoothly. Also, it has a useful shipping module.

Main features:

  • Buy Online, Pick up in Store (aka BOPIS)
  • Give unlimited scalability
  • Provide purchases and shipping applications
  • Enable real-time stock control
  • Give CRM control
  • Provide a detailed and powerful dashboard
  • Enable warehouse control

Mercatus supermarket software

This powerful software is good at helping you manage your supermarket. Furthermore, it gives the facility for delivering a smooth physical experience with advanced goods assortment choices. 

Main features:

  • Support multi-payment channels
  • Give seamless integration with CRM or loyalty programs
  • Provide stock and order control
  • Enable operational productivity in every one of the back-end procedures of the eCommerce platform
  • Have a scalable and customizable platform

IT Retail

This is also a good point of sale platform. This supermarket software indeed gives a comprehensive development platform for taking care of your supermarket. For example, it has the ability of full customization.

Main features:

  • Enable self-checkout kiosks for shoppers
  • Give loyalty program management
  • Serve as an open platform
  • Provide control of multiple locations, stocks, as well as staff
  • Give support every hour of the day 


Stor.ai is one of the most special and useful software solutions for supermarkets. It will assist you in delivering smooth shopping experiences,

Main features:

  • Give order control
  • Enable HR efficiency and accuracy monitoring
  • Have tools to help you schedule as well as scale employees depending on order volume
  • Enable automated digital shopper communications
  • Is SaaS-based

In conclusion, these 5 ideal supermarket software solutions will result in a boost in your profit. Reach us for more information.

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