Be the jewel in the crown with 5+ pro tips for your jewellery store Steven P June 14, 2022
Be the jewel in the crown with 5+ pro tips for your jewellery store

Jewellery is a specialized market and knowing how to sell jewellery is not easy. In this article, we would like to provide 5+ pro tips that will be helpful for your jewellery store to be the jewel in the crown.

5+ pro tips to sell jewellery

Determine the type of jewellery to sell

To know how to sell jewellery, the first thing you need to determine is the type of jewellery store you will be selling. This will save you time and energy and help your customers understand your products well.

There are few types of jewellery you can consider. High-end jewellery is often a combination of high-quality metals and precious stones and is made under the hands of skilled craftsmen and is extremely expensive. Besides, handmade jewellery is also a popular type of jewellery created by jewelers with semi-precious stones and other materials.

You can also sell costume jewellery which is a more trendy, fun, youthful type of jewellery that is mass-produced and made from cheaper materials. Therefore, its price is agreeable to consumers. In addition, vintage jewellery is also the type of jewellery that will bring profits to your business.

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Locate your jewellery store

Locating your store doesn’t just mean positioning your store, you need to position your store in the market and in the customer base. To know how to sell jewellery, you need to define your store’s target audience. Who will your target customer group be, are they rich or people with just average income?

With respect to the market, you need to position your store to have a clear position in the market and this helps you determine exactly how to sell your jewellery.

Determine Your Initial Costs

When starting a jewellery store, you need to consider the input costs. First of all, the cost of materials for jewellery products always adds up quickly so always keep an eye on the cost of materials and the time it takes to create the product as it greatly affects the price of the jewellery.

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The input cost of a jewellery store also refers to the cost of inventory, the cost of installing equipment and store design, and the cost of labor. All these costs in the jewellery industry are quite expensive, so you need to calculate them carefully.

Grow your jewellery store brand

Marketing and promoting your jewellery store is essential to developing your business smoothly. You should invest in your brand by focusing on design and customer programs.

Today, selling on websites, social networks and e-commerce platforms is very common. So, to know how to sell jewellery, you should take advantage of the opportunity of e-commerce, websites and social networks. This is also a good tool for you to advertise your brand and increase sales.

Invest in customer service and satisfaction

Jewellery store is a place that is always appreciated for its prestige and service attitude. So when you sell your products, make sure you always have a good attitude towards your customers. You should listen to the opinions and try to answer the customer’s questions. You need to always invest and focus on customer service and satisfaction to gain loyalty and be well-known. 

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Jewellery stores often have a wide variety of products, each of which has a lot of parameters associated with it. So ConnectPOS is a great tool that will help you manage and store those parameters. In addition, this tool also supports order management, inventory management and customer program management to help the store’s business run smoothly.

Be the jewel in the crown with 5+ pro tips for your jewellery store


Here are some helpful tips to help you know how to sell jewellery. If you need help with your jewellery store, contact us.

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