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20+ Vape statistics you cannot miss to secure success

Vape statistics

E-cigarettes have undeniably gained popularity recently, especially among high school students. In 2023, statistics revealed that approximately one in five high school students indulged in vaping. This trend has prompted concerns and discussions about the impact of e-cigarette use on public health, particularly among the younger generation. To gain further insights and a comprehensive understanding of vaping trends and their implications, be sure to explore the informative post on vape statistics.


The vape industry has displayed remarkable resilience, continuing its growth trajectory even in the face of the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic. With a tenacious spirit and evolving consumer preferences, the industry is poised for significant expansion. Projections indicate that by 2027, the vape market is expected to soar to an impressive valuation of over 28 billion dollars. This substantial growth showcases the enduring appeal of vaping products and the adaptability of the industry in responding to changing market dynamics and consumer demands.

Marketing tactics

  • According to the Truth initiative, the FDA has initiated legal proceedings against some e-liquid firms marketing their goods to appear like candy or similar since mid-2018.
  • Following the tobacco sector, e-cigarettes have been aimed at vulnerable communities. In 2019, JUUL promoted its goods to military staff by giving the veterans’ testimonials.
  • Statistics show that e-cigarettes get most heard through communications and TV & online advertisements.
  • Because mobile ads can reach countless young people, brands have used them to promote e-cigarettes.
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Youth marketing

  • Since its launch in 2007 or so, marketing strategies for e-cigarettes have been more on the young. 
  • According to vape statistics, the young tended to view advertisements at retail stores (nearly 60 percent). The second place belonged to the Internet (almost 45 percent). These were followed by magazines, television, and films. 
  • According to Stanford Medicine, JUUL ads share something in common with traditional tobacco ads. For example, romantic or winding down.
  • JUUL has aimed at young people in the third grade and older. They have funded visiting schools, etc.

Vape statistics in terms of social media

  • According to research, social media exposure to e-cigarette ads among the young had a lot to do with positive hopes related to this product’s use.
  • 19% tended to view vape advertisements on Facebook, followed by Instagram. 
  • The biggest vape forum on Reddit attracted more than 202,000 subscribers starting from last April 2021.

JUUL aces marketing on social media 

  • In 2015, the company invested over 1 million dollars to promote its goods on the internet. 
  • It pioneered in marketing to the young on social media such as YouTube and Instagram. 
  • The firm employed social media influencers to market its goods. The pay is about 1,000 dollars for a blog post about it. 
  • In late 2018, its Instagram platform attracted over 77,000 followers. The hashtag #Juul appealed to over 250,000 postings. Earlier next year, it attracted nearly 337,000 posts. 

E-cigarette statistics about experiential marketing

  • Experiential marketing, with its focus on direct customer interaction, often finds a natural fit in public places like parks. However, it is essential to consider the responsibility and ethics surrounding such tactics, as demonstrated by Vuse, a prominent vape company in 2020.
  • They organized a rooftop concert series, live-streamed from New York City, to create an engaging and immersive experience. Nevertheless, the choice of marketing strategy is paramount, especially when dealing with products like e-cigarettes, which have faced concerns regarding their potential appeal to underage audiences. Striking a balance between effective customer engagement and ethical considerations is crucial in the ever-evolving landscape of marketing and consumer interaction.
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Where to sell

  • Vape is available at traditional tobacco retail businesses like tobacco stores and convenience stores. They are likewise accessible at online shops and other non-conventional businesses. 
  • If you are planning to give your customer an omnichannel experience, make sure to use a suited POS, for example, ConnectPOS. It enables real-time synchronization, compliance with local laws, configurable product attributes, and has great stock control functionality. 

Minimum age for sale

It is from 18 to 21 in America. We hope the e-cigarette and vape statistics above will help your business to secure success. Should you be looking for a suitable POS for your store growth, consider using ConnectPOS. Call us for further information! 

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